Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion Column: "CHANTEL STYLE"

YAY! It's Wednesday which means it's time for the weekly Fashion Column:"READER STYLE"

Today's feature is happening over at NORA'S BLOG! Check it out to see what the lovely Chantel has come up with!

What a wonderful way to unite and stay in-tune with fashion, no matter how different our lives are, without comparing ourselves to the unrealistically photoshopped models in the industry today. You want real beauty? Stick around because this is a raw portrayal of just that; everyday women, beautiful and unique in their own distinct way, sharing their sense of style.

I love it!

But we need YOU to participate! If you haven't already, snap some pictures of what you're wearing this week, write a few sentences about yourself and why you chose what you did, how it makes you feel, and then hit that darn send button with CONFIDENCE! I'm waiting.... :)

**The fabulous artwork above was created by one of my readers, the ever-so-talented Ania from Gdansk, Poland! Isn't this just SO fitting for today's post!? And isn't it so FABULOUS? Thanks Ania for giving me permission to share it! You can check out her really cool blog HERE 


  1. I love this feature Jacy!!!


  2. You have such a great story! I just read your "about me" and all I can say is... You go Mom!

    Im excited to check back in for more
    xo Jessica
    -stay strong

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Jessica! I really, really appreciate that!

      WELCOME to my blog! So glad you found me :) I'm totally eager to get to know you better... :) I love meeting new friends!



  3. I, too, love this feature. I will participate. I'm a little nervous to say the least, but I will give it a shot. I added a few new things to my wardrobe recently and they've really given me a boost of confidence. I'll get a picture in them soon and get it to you. So fun!

    1. SHARLEE!

      No need to be nervous! You are one beautiful woman and I would be honored to feature you here! I'm dying to see the new pieces you added to your closet... that is always so FUN isn't it!?

      Send em on in.... excited to see them!

      Hope you're well! Glad you commented here :) YAY!

      p.s. I'm not receiving email notifications of your updated blog posts? Not sure why? Have you thought about adding a follower gadget? Just sayin... :)



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