Thursday, May 31, 2012

New LOGO!!

While I do love the uniqueness of my name, I didn't choose the title "My Name is Jacy" to plaster me, myself and I all over the blog. In all truthfulness, I chose this title because I have finally arrived to a place, after this whole mess started 2 years ago, where I am down right PROUD to be Jacy again! I am finally willing and able to humbly accept all that comes with those 4 simple words- the undeniably beautiful, the really really excruciatingly painful and everything else in between.

What once was a name that I loathed being tied to-- because it meant that my life was the one that fell apart... that I was going to be a single mom raising my son in a broken home... that my name would be gossiped about for all the reasons why my marriage must have failed... that I must have been a cold, nonsexual, depriving, witchy wife... that I was a complete and utter loser who couldn't maintain a marriage-- is no longer that. For in its place my name has become one that I am honored to call my own. YES!

In the logo you'll also see a water lily... WHY? Because a water lily grows from deep below the surface, amidst the murk and muck of a slimy, scummy pond floor and into an object of magnificent beauty. Now, I am in no way pretending to be or claiming to be that stunning fully-bloomed lily just yet (believe me, I am FAR from it), but I am ever-so-steadily striving to get there. I make mistakes all the darn time and I am being humbled in more ways than I ever thought I could be, BUT I will ALWAYS try to maintain my dignity through this whole process of uncertainty with only one goal in mind... to keep on blooming, no matter how difficult it may be at times.

I guess I could say that this logo represents my FEAT thus far, as well as the place I eventually hope to get to. I am not dead. I am no longer floundering beneath the surface. I am overcoming. I am rising above. I am evolving.

The symbolism of this logo was chosen with the intent of {hopefully} relating to all of you, regardless of where you are in your life in this very moment, too. I think its simplistic truth is universal. So it is my hope that when you come here from now on, you'll take a moment to reflect on the importance of YOU, replacing my name with your own name in "MY NAME IS.....", and doing it with nothing but confidence, hope, dignity and pride; always remembering that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how horrific it may seem, no matter how deep in the muck you feel... just as a water lily does... YOUtoo, can and will rise out of the murky water and into something simply exquisite.

** CREDIT for this awesome creation goes to my totally cool and talented pal, ALISHA, over at Twenty2Pixels.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Change of plans... just a little tweak...

The winner of the Pay it Forward GIVEAWAY will be picked ENTIRELY AT RANDOM, rather than selecting three and then picking a winner out of a hat. After reading the entries thus far, there is NO WAY I could narrow it down to the 'most deserving person' because they are all so amazingly thoughtful!! My momma and man-friend agree. And being that I do know some of you personally, this will help to eliminate the unfair advantage feel that is looming in the air so ALL of you can feel comfortable in participating!

So! Come one, come all!  Reflect and nominate someone who has done something kind for you and enter your submission HERE! 

Thanks for understanding. This is my first giveaway, after all, AND a lot of my 'in real life' friends have entered and I want to make this fair for everyone :)

Fashion Column: "KYLIE STYLE"

Are Wednesday's coming REALLY fast or is it just me? I can't believe how quickly another week has flown by! SHEESH! But this is also great because it means it's time for another feature of Fashion Column: "READER STYLE" and today I am chomping at the bit to showcase the very first MATERNITY submission!
Meet KYLIE and her adorable little baby bump from Arizona!

From Kylie:

This is a typical outfit for me... nothing fancy, but I love cardigans and skinny belts especially being pregnant. Comfort has always been a priority to me, and is even more so now. I'm still able to wear these skinnies with a hairtie on the button, and slip-ons or flats are starting to become a must since it's harder and harder to bend at the waist. None of this outfit is actually "maternity" and I love love love soft, stretchy knits. This outfit is nothing special, but it's pretty typical of what I'd wear after work or on weekends (I'd still wear the top half with slacks and flats to work). Most of my wardrobe is purchased on sale or on clearance. I rarely pay full-price for any clothing. This outfit is comfy, and I felt cute wearing it.

Sunglasses: Target, on sale $10
Cardigan: gift (Target I think)
Blue basic tee: DownEast Basics $10
White cami: Ross $5
Skinny belt: stolen from my mom's closet
Skinny jeans: Forever 21
Slip-ons: Payless, on sale $5

Cute, cute, cute Kylie! I love how you've paired a cardigan and belt with those super cool slip on shoes. This is such a darling look on you! And being that you are one of the cutest preggers person I've seen, it makes it all the more darling! I LOVE the color combo and simplicity of it all. And I'll be total honest and say that this post is NOT helping with my baby hungry dilemma... haha!

If you want to better get to know one of the sweetest girls around, check out Kylie's blog Love Always where she writes on love, self-discovery, preparing for motherhood (she's due in August btw), and all sorts of other fun topics. I immediately fell in love with her style and sense of being--she is awesome! So branch out a little a wander on over to her site... BUT before you do.... 

**Comment here and let Kylie know what you love most about her maternity look! Isn't she just the cutest darn thing? Am I the only one whose maternal instincts are kicking in when I look at this? :)

** Okay peeps! The pipeline is starting to slowly empty and I will be needing more features soon! So, send your submission in because this is GREAT FUN! Here's how!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Extravaganza


I hope your holiday weekend was filled with a lot of good food and even better company! Mine totally was.... but remember how I said some craaaazy stuff was happening on my adventure in San Diego? Well, among the really awesome, there were some doozy parts too.

Check it out:

DAY 1 was fantastic! La Jolla Beach... Extraordinary Desserts (they were too)... spending time with Seth's pal Court and his lady friend... cruising around downtown... gorgeous views...

The next morning we went to a place called Swami's which was totally COOL! I ordered this:

It's an Acai bowl... and it was delicious... BUT you see this bright yellow bee pollen chunks on the top? As it turns out, I am HIGHLY ALLERGIC! 

(I totally hate to tell you this Kylie... haha)

Within seconds of finishing EVERY bite of this scrumptious treat, my stomach turned sick! So sick that I started crying. My insides felt like they should be on my outside. Seriously. Sweaty, nausea, wheezing, dripping snotty nose, cramping, etc. Then came the hives. After about 4 hours, once my WHOLE body was covered and my face started to swell and was ON FIRE, we decided to take a trip to the Urgent Care where Travis administered a steroid shot in my tushy.

After the shot kicked in and the day was almost over, we decided to head over to Mission Beach to grab some authentic Mexican grub. The Torta was TO DIE FOR! My man-friend is such a patient soul... dealing with me and my weird health corks... ha!

Then we headed back over to La Jolla beach where I got a text from my mom. Tragedy struck. An accident happened in St. George, Utah involving 4 young adults and a small Cessna airplane. All 4 passengers were killed on impact. I personally knew two of the men involved (one being the son of my Mom's very best friend). My heart sank, I was absolutely sickened by the news.

As we walked along The Cove, looking at the seals and the serene view, I couldn't help but think how quickly things can change, how sudden life can be over....

In that very moment a timid and incredibly nervous man, dressed in a 3 piece suit, approached me and whispered "Excuse me... I'm about to propose to my girlfriend over there... will you take some pictures for me? She has no idea!"

OF COURSE I accepted the task and grabbed the camera from his trembling hands. As I snapped pictures of the entire proposal, standing only a few feet away, I was teary eyed and shaky as I tried to listen to every word of the quiet, yet romantic exchange. After the newly engaged woman clasped the shiny Tiffany bracelet around her wrist and slid the giant rock on her finger, I hugged her and wished them both my congratulations! It was soooooo awesome. I secretly snapped this shot of the happy couple with my own camera.

All this happened in DAY 2 of my birthday extravaganza.


Luckily DAY 3 was a more uneventful day spent with good company (Seth's other best pal Corbin, his wife and 4 kids who were also in San Diego for the holiday) where we ate at a really great cafe and had a marvelous time on Coronado Island!

That night we celebrated my birthday at a local restaurant where I was treated with a Pizookie! Seth was determined to tell everyone, everywhere we went that it was my birthday the next day... lol

Memorial morning was spent with all of Seth's good friends again and that's how we summed up the trip. Below is the only picture we got of Courtland Auther Godfrey III (yes, that's his name... rad huh?). He lives in the heart of Solona Beach and is a total stud. We had a blast!

Oh, and I found the house I want to buy... Does somebody have about 5-7 million they wanna share? I fell in love with this concrete gem!

So... in a nutshell, that was my weekend :) Pretty amazing... with the exception of devastating loss for so many people in St. George. My heart goes out to all of them.

And on that note....


p.s. Don't forget about the Pay it Forward Giveaway!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is my 28th birthday... so I asked my wonderful Dad to write my birth story, which is also the conclusion to my earlier post Mom: A Tribute (if you haven't read it, you'll want to before reading on).

"The anxious pair hoped for the best, but past experience had been cruel to them. Four times they had been down this road, only to come away empty handed. Each time was heart wrenching to return home, walk through the front door, down the hall and see the nursery preparations that had been made – but that would now be set aside. Often harder, was witnessing the successful homecoming of neighbor young couples as they returned home with arms full and radiating joy.

Almost four years into a successful marriage, other fortuitous events had come into their life. A call from Florida where a little newborn girl with a minor physical handicap had been placed under foster care and was in need of a home.  Through a loving and caring extended network of Grandmothers, the need of home for a tiny infant is matched up with need of family for a young couple in Utah. It was a wondrous day for the couple to finally cross the threshold and lay the baby in the nursery that had been prepared for her arrival years earlier. Jennifer brought great joy and happiness.

A few years passed and the couple desired to grow their little family. Getting pregnant had never been a problem, that was the easy part. Consulting with a new Doctor, they gained confidence that this time – the fifth - it could be different. They determined they would and do whatever the doctor ordered to achieve a full term delivery. Things progressed normal through the first five months – as they had each time before. They are hopeful and optimistic .

This time at six months, there’s the return to the tilted bed and sutures to the cervix. At just shy of seven months (29 weeks), the sutures break and the doctor has no option but to deliver the 2 pound 11 oz baby through cesarean section. The couple is distraught and disappointed. The wife demands that her “tubes are tied” so that she will never have to experience this pain again. Having no faith that this baby girl will fare any better than her older siblings, the couple don’t quite have the strength to give her a name as it might just get their hopes up. There are however a few factors in the baby’s favor. First she is right at the minimum birth weight that is considered survivable for the time. Second, females tend to have a higher rate of survival than males. Third, the doctors and hospital staff are determined this will be their “miracle baby” as they just can’t see sending the couple away empty handed again.

As the doctors and nurses offered more hope and positive results, the parents gradually became more optimistic. When held outside the incubator the baby was so tiny she could fit entirely in her father’s single palm. As her little hand clutched her father’s thumb, it barely covered his fingerprint. Miraculously, the little girl’s breathing remained strong the first days and as she met specific milestones, her parents decided she had earned and finally deserved a name. It was a made up name that they had never discussed before and chosen in a hopeful moment (with an admittance worker needing to fill out a birth certificate form). A nursed printed the name on an index card and mounted it on the incubator like the other babies around the ICU. The nurses and doctors liked the name and used it with tenderness and encouragement. Each day the parents spent hours holding and whispering to this little girl, and each day her strength and weight increased slightly. There were relatively few set backs, and parents, Grands, nurses and doctors all around believed she was in fact the miracle baby. Six weeks passed, and there - all four pounds of her - was big enough and healthy enough to go home. They bundled up that little girl in a little blanket, and handed her to her mother to take home. As they walked out of the ICU, a favorite nurse chased down the child’s father and handed him the index card with the made up name – it read 'My Name is JACY'." 

**It's been a wonderful and wild 28 years! I never thought I'd be where I am today, having experienced what I have, but I am so grateful that I am living and breathing and healthy in this moment. I'm even more grateful for my mother's strength and courage and willingness to try that one last time because if she hadn't, I wouldn't be here today. Thank you mom and dad for giving me life... thank you for loving me... thank you for everything you have done and continually do for me. And dad, thank you for taking the time to write this. It really means a lot!

Sending my love to you ALL this lovely Memorial Day! I hope you've had a MARVELOUS holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hey all!

I am soaking up every minute here in San Diego! Chillier than expected BUT, a fabulous time in deed! I promise I will share all about it when I get back.... Some craaaaazy stuff has been happening on this little adventure but for now, this picture of the sunset will have to do. How breathtaking is this??

I hope that today you will reflect and take the time to enter the Pay it Forward GIVEAWAY by writing a simple sentence or two about someone who deserves a little something special in their lives! Think how happy this small surprise will make someone :) So, avoid putting it off and ultimately forgetting and do it today! Mmmmmmmk??

What have you been up to this weekend??


Saturday, May 26, 2012


Every so often I go onto Pinterest to check out inspirational quotes and I always end up snagging a few. Today, this one really caught my eye! I love its brilliance!

I'm not so good at the WORRY LESS or the ACCEPT CRITICISM parts, but I'm slowly chipping away at them... one day at a time :)


(Image credit)

Friday, May 25, 2012


The time has finally come to host my very first giveaway… Hooray!!

Here’s the deal:

Think of someone in your life who has done something nice for you, whom you’d like to see recognized for their kindness. In the COMMENT SECTION on this post, tell me 

1) who this person is
2) what they did that was so thoughtful
3) why you chose to nominate this person

You have until NEXT Friday June 1st to enter your submission. When the clock strikes midnight, the contest will be closed.

From there, each submission will be read by yours truly, my man-friend and my mom where we will each select 1 nominee. Then, those 3 names will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn at random by Little Dude and will posted on the blog Tuesday June 5th.

So what’s in it for YOU and why should you take the time to participate??
The winning act of kindness will receive gift cards totaling $100 to any of the following stores:
But there is a catch!

The winning person doesn't get to claim the entire prize for themselves! That's not really the point :) Instead, they will have to equally share his/her prize with the person who did the kind deed in the first place. So, not only will you get to pick the store where you’d have fun spending $50, but you get to pick where you think this special person in your life would like to spend $50 on themselves, too.

Cool, right??

Now! Start thinking of who you want to nominate! It can be a family member, it can be a close friend, it can be a neighbor, it can be a co-worker... I don't care WHO it is, just as long as they've done something thoughtful for you in the past! Oh and make sure it's someone who you have contact information for so that if you are the winner, I can get in touch with them.

Ready... Get Set... GO!!

**This giveaway is open to ALL of my readers! If you live OUTSIDE of the Continental United States however, you may only claim the prize for shipping purposes (as it can be sent via email).

**Got a question? Email me at



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Hungry

Last night, at a belated Cinco De Mayo girls night out, I got to snuggle this new little Bambina!

I won't lie.

As I stared into this new infant's eyes, her tiny body molded into mine, I started to feel a little bit sorry for myself. With happily married women (some pregnant) surrounding me, I began envisioning how my life was supposed to be... how my life should be... and how I wanted my life to be.

I wanted more children. I wanted to get pregnant when Little Dude was just 9 months old. I couldn't figure out why my at-the-time-husband was so reluctant but now, it all makes perfect sense. 2 years later when Little Dude was older, he finally considered trying again and so, the 3 months leading up to that dreaded daywe tried. Obviously it was unsuccessful but I was ready to grow my family. I was in that frame of mind. I wanted it so desperately.

Now Little Dude is 4 1/2 and I am divorced. Slight change of course.

I am not engaged to be married. I am not close to being engaged to be married quite yet. Once I am engaged, I'll need to plan a wedding and get married. Once I am married, I'll need to be 'just married' for a while to ensure that I trust myself and him enough to even consider getting pregnant. And then, once I have enough trust (letting go of the fear of ending up twice divorced with 2 kids from 2 different fathers), then I'll need to actually get pregnant. And then, depending on a myriad of other factors, who knows if I'll even be able to get pregnant at all. It might not be as easy as it was the first time...

So! Where does that put me and my hopes for family planning? Way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away.

But you know, I've slowly come to terms with this realization. So instead of worrying and thinking of all that I don't have and trying to control the uncontrollable, I held this sweet little baby girl for 15 minutes last night, breathing in her baby soft scent, absorbing her tender helplessness, and dreaming of what it will be like if and when I have another little one someday... and then I switched my focus on my now and all the things I do have.

As much as I crave to be pregnant again, to give birth again and to have a sibling(s) for my son, I feel it such a blessing to have the small family I already do. Little Dude is my greatest prize in the world and if he happens to be my one and only, I am forever happy with that.

Joseph B. Wirthlin

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Column: "SHANNON STYLE"

Hooray for Fashion Column: READER STYLE days! I am LOVING all the submissions that are coming in! This only works because of YOU, so thank you!
I’m ecstatic to present my friend, all the way from Michigan, Shannon! 
Here’s what this DARLING mother of two wants to share with all of you...

From Shannon:

My most inspiring resources lately are Pinterest and Google. Although they both can be a little iffy sometimes, if you know what I mean. I have to tell myself, “just because people wear that and call it ‘fashion’ doesn’t mean it will look good on me”. OR “just because that 19 year old is wearing it doesn’t mean a 29 year old should wear it”.

I still mostly wear my yoga pants during the week with maybe a few nicer outfits sprinkled here and there. It just makes the most sense for this stage in my life. But, I’m learning to even make those “lazy” days a little more cute!

I have two outfits to share today. Above is the “cute one" and below is the "lazy one"



Doesn't she look darling in BOTH outfits? I really appreciate the honest contrast of both pictures because to me, this is an accurate reflection of what it means to adapt to new phases in our lives. She is cute and practical one day, but can be a total fashion queen the next. I love it!

Regardless that you call this look a "lazy one",  you look GREAT Shannon! And the "cute" one is MORE than cute... it's really fantastic! Thank you soooo much for sharing!

You, too, can get to know Shannon better by checking out her really inspiring blog Tuned In which showcases her life as a momma, a super talented crafter and decorator, as well as a very sweet and genuine woman. Truly. I'm thrilled that we connected!

**Tell Shannon what you love most about her outfit(s)! Do yo have "lazy" and "cute" days too? I think we all do... ;) Oh, and I had to add this picture of how FABULOUS her hair looks... Um, yes please!!

 (You can also find where Shannon bought all the pieecs to her outfits on her blog, here)

**Wanna be featured? Send in your submission! Here's HOW!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I like to believe that sometimes things happen for a reason.
A really cool, down-to-earth, totally genuine, and beautiful gal named Gay and I have connected through our blogs. Unlike the usual reason(s) I initially connect with *most* my readers, Gay is very happily married to great guy and is raising 4 darling kids. It didn't matter that our lives were entirely different or that we didn't share the same heartbreak or trials, we just started talking a little for no specific reason really; just sort of casual conversation. When we realized she was flying from California to Utah for the week, we thought it'd be fun to meet up and get to know each-other better. COOL!

Little did we know however, something more than a "get to know you lunch" was in store.

As apart of her trip, Gay is here visiting and helping a dear friend who just delivered a precious infant 3 weeks ago. But as it turns out, Gay discovered when she arrived that her dear friend is not only caring for her newborn and 2 year old alone, but that she is in fact living the after-shock of betrayal and lies. Upon learning this, Gay immediately told her friend about me and my blog and this new-momma was stunned at the parallels between our stories. So, we decided to ALL meet up.

We talked for nearly 2 hours yesterday. I listened to a gut wrenching story and, of course, I cried. I probably talked too much... but there was so much to discuss... so much hurt... so much betrayal... so many familiar feelings... so many words of encouragement to share. In an instant, I felt that the three of us were united as women, as sisters and as friends, trying to figure out how to navigate through this crazy thing we call life. It was sooooo amazing.

But what's even more amazing to me is that no more than 6 weeks ago, I had no idea that a woman as generous and wonderful as Gay even existed. And no more than 48 hours ago, I had no idea that she had an incredible friend, living only 10 short minutes from me, who was right smack in the middle of her own personal hell-- a hell that I can relate to in almost every realm.

You can call it 'fate'. You can call it 'luck'. You can call it 'meant to be'. You can even call it some sort of 'positive energy that exists in our universe', but whatever you call it, I hope you recognize its power and its spectacular grace.

I choose to call it divine intervention. There is NO WAY this was mere coincidence.

After I left, I text Gay thanking her for such a heartfelt meet n' greet and she responded with:

"I don't know why God chose me and I don't know why God chose you, but it was definitely meant to help my dear friend in need."

I read this simple sentence and I began to cry (are you surprised? :) because this is exactly what I meant in my How To Make New Friends post when I said: "You never know who you're going to find!"

Me and Gay :)

Yesterday, I not only found one amazing new friend from California (who is a shining example to me in more ways than one and whom I plan to keep in contact with), but I also found her friend, a fellow betrayed sister in battle, who will hold a special spot in my heart for life. The connection we women share, the bond that is instantaneously formed, the significant compassion and love that we feel for one another is REAL! 

I'm finally beginning to see the blessings I was promised as I was trekking through and quite literally floundering in the muddy muck. It didn't make sense to me then and I couldn't imagine what those blessings would be. But now I see them. I see them all around me. I'm apart of something bigger... something so miraculous... something that I cannot explain right here, right now... but it's something that has changed my life for the better and for that, I am bursting with JOY and gratitude today! I am thankful for this journey that has only just begun, for it has already proven to be REMARKABLE in more ways than I could have ever dreamed of.

**To all my friends/readers out there... I love you... I am rooting for you...  I think of you all the time and I wish I could personally meet and talk to ALL of you face-to-face, one-on-one. If I had one wish in the world, that might just be it.

**To Gay and her sweet friend (who shall remain unnamed :)... I love you both... I feel blessed to have been apart of such an awesome gathering yesterday. I can't wait to better our friendships even more.

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
~Albert Einstein

Yeah..... I like it :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend FUN!

Hello friends! 

My weekend was FAB! Besides watching the solar eclipse, playing a little golf, seeing Avengers (sorry comic fans I did NOT love it... way too cheesy and predictable for me, lol), going on a 5 mile city walk, and watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, the man-friend and I had a pretty low-key weekend ;)

*What'd you do? Anything FUN?

Also, I need a little help from you!
Tell me everything I need to know about San Diego! 
  • Scrumptious places to eat!
  • Shops to see!
  • Anything else a person visiting San Diego should NOT miss!

**Any of my readers live in the area?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I think sometimes I forget just how fortunate I am... but after reading this, things are put right back into perspective.

Life. is. good.

Hoping you're all having a happy and healthy weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've had my eye on a pair of Sperry's for months now... but I haven't been able to justify spending $60-$85 on a pair of shoes-- especially casual ones. I'm more of a $10-$15 ROSS kind of girl and I've been this way for a looooooong time.

However, my sore feet are trying to convince me otherwise and I think it might be time to take the plunge and buy me a pair of neutral Top-Siders today! They're comfy, they're cool and you know, they're calling my name. And as a result of this monumental purchase, I think my at-the-moment nail-less big toe will thank me later, too. (Eeewwww, I know!)

Hopefully I don't choke and freeze-up at the check-out counter...

**Do you find yourself going through pair after pair of cheap shoes, only to realize that you've spent the same or even more money than the $60-$85 that seemed outrageously TOO pricey in the first place? Story of my life.... :)

**Do you like Sperry's? Do you dislike Sperry's? Do you have Sperry's?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

iLove and iHate my iPhone

It's time for an intervention. Seriously.

iLove the convenience of my iPhone but iHate the attachment issues that come with it.

On NPR last year, I heard a phenomenal discussion about a book called Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, featuring the author Sherie Turkle.

After listening to the interview, I felt really bad because I knew I was guilty of some of the issues that were mentioned. Totally guilty. I was the inconsiderate teenager they described, except I was a GROWN WOMAN! I was also the mom at the park, sucked into her smartphone rather than watching and encouraging her son's activity.

I vowed to be better.

That was 15 months ago and guess what? I'd say that my phone attachment issues have worsened since then. I email from my phone, I text throughout the day on my phone, I surf the web on my phone, I blog stalk on my phone, I play Yahtzee and Scrabble on my phone, I look at Facebook on my phone and this doesn't include all the time I actually TALK on my phone. I honestly bet that if someone were to secretly record me with a video camera, I would be FLABBERGASTED at how often the 4.5"x 2.5" rectangular screen is in front of my face. And I bet I'd be even more SICKENED at how many times my son is looking at me, looking at the screen, totally engrossed.

You guys, it makes me sick even thinking about it because I know I am G.U.I.L.T.Y.

Looking back to even 7 days ago, I had my phone right close by while we were in Disneyland. I can specifically pinpoint at least a dozen times when I was diddling with something or other on my phone while standing in the Buzz Lightyear or Pirates line. WHY? There were no emergency calls to be made and there was nothing of uber importance that needed my attention.... The truth is, I couldn't stop pulling it out of my purse and updating it because it has become a HABIT; a very bad, bad habit.

I like to think that I live by the rule of "all things in moderation". Unfortunately, the love affair with my phone has crossed waaaay over that line and has become excessive. I feel terrible! And right when I'm feeling like the lousiest mom on the planet, salt was added to my wound yesterday when I saw the article How to Miss a Childhood floating around FB.

Yep. It's a sign and it's also the start of some new rules around here.

I can feel the withdrawals already.


**Would you say that you're addicted to your smartphone and/or computer? Do you have specific rules you implement in order to keep it in control? HELP ME! :) 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A True Friend is a Rare Blessing

Today I am celebrating my BFF's birthday.

We live completely different lives. We make totally different choices. We think polar opposite of one another on somethings BUT, we are still the very best of friends!

From talking on the phone a few times a week to catching up every couple of months if we're lucky, we're able to pick right back up where we left off like it's no big deal. We've been through thick and thin together- really great times and really crappy times too. We've laughed hysterically until we've peed our pants and we've cried tears of sorrow until our faces look like punching bags. But through it all, our love, support and respect for one another has never wavered once in the last 18+ years.

Cheer Camp- Summer 2000

Happy Birthday Jo, I love you!

Also, last night I was able to have dinner with my dear friend, Aimee. Here is a woman who has experienced some really really tough stuff in her lifetime but she has since overcome and is so willing to offer a listening ear, sound words of advice and a helping hand to those stumbling along the rocky trail behind her. She is compassionate and nonjudgmental and one of those people you just can't help but be inspired by. I feel so privileged to know such triumphant women in my life.... because had I never experienced the crud, my world would never have opened up and led me to any and all of you.

Nearly a decade ago I saw this quote on a sticker somewhere and I think of it often.

"A True Friend is a RARE Blessing!"

Indeed, they are!

**What is your BFF's name and how long have you been friends for?? I've actually got a few other besty's too... you know who you are ;)

**Maybe today you should take a minute and either call, text or email those true friends of yours and let them know just how lucky you feel to have them in your life! Just sayin'...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion Column: "BONNIE & MORGAN STYLE"

I'm so happy it's Wednesday! It's Fashion Column: "READER STYLE" time.

Since receiving so many AMAZING submissions already... in order to keep up with all of you and your killer styles, I'll be showcasing in pairs when needed. So, today I'm eager to introduce to you a DUO of my very stylish readers!

First, meet  BONNIE from Arizona! Look at the classy ensemble this very petite (standing 5') gal came up with:

From Bonnie:

I teach at a university in the southwest, and due to the really relaxed dress code, it's easy to slip into wearing jeans, or even worse, YOGA PANTS to work!  I've made a conscious effort the past few months to put a little more thought into my wardrobe.  I like this outfit because the skirt length keeps it professional, while the lace and accessories add a feminine touch.  The dressy but lower heels also add a bit of polish, but won't have me in agony by the time I'm ready to head home. 

Normally I would be too afraid to pair the patterned sweater with the lacy skirt... but I stand corrected here! And this is why I love my friend B so much because she dares to be different! Her confidence rocks!

You can find really current fashion and a totally unique sense of style over at Bonnie's blog Mini Me Style. She's funny and talented and really, really kind... really.  And she's got sweet ideas for a person on a budget, too. 

What do you adore most about Bonnie's dainty 'dress code?' Do you dare to mix patterns and textures like this?


Okay ladies, we're not done yet! Drum roll please....

Second, meet MORGAN from Idaho! Check out what this newlywed (married in December of 2010) pulled together: 

From Morgan:

I love this outfit. It makes me feel dressed up, yet comfortable. I absolutely love long dresses and skirts cause they are so comfortable (and I don't have to shave :) I think they are fabulous for Idaho springs and summers.

Shirt: forever 21 ($8)
Belt: Cotton on ($6)
Skirt: t.j. Maxx ($24)
Shoes: (that you can't see but are black flats) Fred Meyer ($14)

Girl, you look pulled together, carefree and totally radiant! It's such a great look on you. I'm loving the brown belt with the b&w combo... and the stripe skirt looks fab! Bravo!

You can get to know Morgan better on her blog at Reece's Pieces. There you'll find the sweetest couple ever, with a marvelous love story, just starting out on their journey. I think you'll immediately fall in love with her positive and charming self.

What do you admire most about Morgan's causal, yet adorable get-up? Are you into the long flowy skirts/dresses?

**If you haven't sent your submission in yet, DO! Whoever you are, whatever your style is, snap a picture and send it on in. THIS. IS. FUN. Here's a reminder of how it works! And make sure you're checking out Nora's blog for her showcases as well :)

**A BIG THANKS to both of my friends, Morgan and Bonnie! I'm so glad we've connected :) Ladies, if you're wanting to meet new people and expand your 'blogger friends', this is a great way to start! Reach out... comment... check out their blogs... don't be shy... all in this together :)

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