Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I like to believe that sometimes things happen for a reason.
A really cool, down-to-earth, totally genuine, and beautiful gal named Gay and I have connected through our blogs. Unlike the usual reason(s) I initially connect with *most* my readers, Gay is very happily married to great guy and is raising 4 darling kids. It didn't matter that our lives were entirely different or that we didn't share the same heartbreak or trials, we just started talking a little for no specific reason really; just sort of casual conversation. When we realized she was flying from California to Utah for the week, we thought it'd be fun to meet up and get to know each-other better. COOL!

Little did we know however, something more than a "get to know you lunch" was in store.

As apart of her trip, Gay is here visiting and helping a dear friend who just delivered a precious infant 3 weeks ago. But as it turns out, Gay discovered when she arrived that her dear friend is not only caring for her newborn and 2 year old alone, but that she is in fact living the after-shock of betrayal and lies. Upon learning this, Gay immediately told her friend about me and my blog and this new-momma was stunned at the parallels between our stories. So, we decided to ALL meet up.

We talked for nearly 2 hours yesterday. I listened to a gut wrenching story and, of course, I cried. I probably talked too much... but there was so much to discuss... so much hurt... so much betrayal... so many familiar feelings... so many words of encouragement to share. In an instant, I felt that the three of us were united as women, as sisters and as friends, trying to figure out how to navigate through this crazy thing we call life. It was sooooo amazing.

But what's even more amazing to me is that no more than 6 weeks ago, I had no idea that a woman as generous and wonderful as Gay even existed. And no more than 48 hours ago, I had no idea that she had an incredible friend, living only 10 short minutes from me, who was right smack in the middle of her own personal hell-- a hell that I can relate to in almost every realm.

You can call it 'fate'. You can call it 'luck'. You can call it 'meant to be'. You can even call it some sort of 'positive energy that exists in our universe', but whatever you call it, I hope you recognize its power and its spectacular grace.

I choose to call it divine intervention. There is NO WAY this was mere coincidence.

After I left, I text Gay thanking her for such a heartfelt meet n' greet and she responded with:

"I don't know why God chose me and I don't know why God chose you, but it was definitely meant to help my dear friend in need."

I read this simple sentence and I began to cry (are you surprised? :) because this is exactly what I meant in my How To Make New Friends post when I said: "You never know who you're going to find!"

Me and Gay :)

Yesterday, I not only found one amazing new friend from California (who is a shining example to me in more ways than one and whom I plan to keep in contact with), but I also found her friend, a fellow betrayed sister in battle, who will hold a special spot in my heart for life. The connection we women share, the bond that is instantaneously formed, the significant compassion and love that we feel for one another is REAL! 

I'm finally beginning to see the blessings I was promised as I was trekking through and quite literally floundering in the muddy muck. It didn't make sense to me then and I couldn't imagine what those blessings would be. But now I see them. I see them all around me. I'm apart of something bigger... something so miraculous... something that I cannot explain right here, right now... but it's something that has changed my life for the better and for that, I am bursting with JOY and gratitude today! I am thankful for this journey that has only just begun, for it has already proven to be REMARKABLE in more ways than I could have ever dreamed of.

**To all my friends/readers out there... I love you... I am rooting for you...  I think of you all the time and I wish I could personally meet and talk to ALL of you face-to-face, one-on-one. If I had one wish in the world, that might just be it.

**To Gay and her sweet friend (who shall remain unnamed :)... I love you both... I feel blessed to have been apart of such an awesome gathering yesterday. I can't wait to better our friendships even more.

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
~Albert Einstein

Yeah..... I like it :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful the way the Lord works, right? I am always amazed at His way of bringing hope to the picture at what sometimes seem to be the gloomiest hours. Thank you for sharing !

  2. I totally agree! Divine intervention. Jacy, God is using your blog to do great things! I love it!


  3. jacy this post brought tears to my eyes. God is so good. it's so hard because so often we don't know why we're going through the trials or difficult times - but He has a purpose. you went through hell and you're now a voice for women who have been through something similar. you're an inspiration, jacy!

  4. This is incredible. I absolutely loved reading this. Things happen for a reason and I'm a firm believer in divine intervention. You're awesome!! I wish we could meet!

  5. Jacy, what an amazing story ... Gay sounds like a wonderful, new friend and how amazing that your connection with her was able to put you in touch with someone who no doubt desperately needs an understanding friend right now.

  6. Jacy,

    I love this, I love your sweet spirit and the way I can feel that you came ALIVE in this post from the joy of serving others. Keep it up! I haven't been blogging long but I love the very real sense of community and sisterhood that I have found already. I know the internet can be a dangerous and scary place, but I also find it so commendable that you are using it for so much GOOD! I found this article and it really inspired me to cultivate my female friendships. They are so important!



  7. Jacy, you are making such a difference in people's lives. I feel like you were guided to this blogging community, because you are helping so many! You are so caring and real. You completely understand the depth of sorrow that so many are experiencing. I'm just amazed by you. How so many are drawn to you, and you kindly reach out to so many. I have no doubt that you were placed in these final days, because God needed such a strong woman to reach out and pick people up (even though you had to go through your own hell to get there). I love you so much! Your new friend should join us next weekend! :)

  8. Ahhh Jacy it was so good to meet you! And it's very humbling when we realize we are part of something much bigger than ourselves! So glad there is a band of women to take care of my friend and keep her afloat.

    Life is good- theres always a rainbow after the storm!

    xoxo gay

  9. I just checked my email for comments (I'm trying to cut back techie use, remember :) and you guys.... WOW! I have tears in my eyes! Thank you sooooooo much! This is definitely NOT the response I was expecting but your words, ALL OF THEM, have touched my heart this morning. Thank you, thank you.

    I think what is most amazing about all of this is that we are "ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!" and it's becoming even more clear every day that passes. We are all so different... no one is alike... we are all beautiful in our own way and we have different talents and strengths, but yet in our own individual styles, we are trying to not only better ourselves, but others too... HOW COOL IS THAT? And as you know, I just don't think it's coincidence... it can't be. This is something that is bigger than you and bigger than me... it's INCREDIBLE.

    Thank you again... I can't respond to every comment this morning but I read every word and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life!

    Lindsey, I'll check out that article thx :)

    My heart is full... thank you for your kind words, love and support...

    Happy Tuesday! I'm off to the splash pad/gateway museum with Little Dude!


  10. jacy, it is NOT a coincidence that JUST this morning i was thinking that as a newly called relief society president that i think i want to give my first lesson on the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence. wow. this post just confirmed my decision :) thanks again lady! you're great :)

  11. All I can say is amazing! Such a cool coincidence. She is one lucky girl to have found you!

  12. I agree with many of these posts! What we give, we get, even if it's a kind word, an ear to listen, a story to share. We get that back in more ways than one. Even though we all have a different kind of story, we can all relate to others, even strangers in such a positive way. Blogging and meeting new people is awesome!

    You're awesome :)

  13. LOVE this post! In this world of Twitter and Facebook, where we connect in short bursts, I've learned that my blogging world allows me to connect with complete strangers in a deep meaningful way. I would love to one day travel the world and meet up with everyone I've met through blogging. So glad you found each other!

  14. Jacy! Again you amaze me. Your post came right when I found out about a dear friend of my sister's who is going through the same thing baby and all. It breaks my heart. But I do believe that our Heavenly Father puts decisions in our lives that ultimately lead to one another and let us help one another. I have sent her your blog address and I hope she gains the same HOPE that you have been finding through your extraordinary journey. Big hugs!

    1. AL! YES! Send her here! I would love to connect with her! I am SOOOO sorry she is enduring this hell too... especially with a new little one :( Please let her know he can email me anytime and that I am here!

      LOVE YOU!

  15. What a great story! I'm so happy for each of you ladies to have each other as friends! I look forward to getting back to blogging and connecting with friends online again; I look forward to getting to know you as well! :) Keep up the reaching out! You're doing good work! :D

    1. WELCOME CORINE! SO glad you're here!!!!! Please comment whenever and add yourself as a follower!! I am so excited to get to know you better as well!! YAY! I love new friends!! :)


  16. Quote by Thomas S. Monson

    "There is a guiding hand above all things. Often when things happen, it’s not by accident. One day, when we look back at the seeming coincidences of our lives, we will realize that perhaps they weren’t so coincidental after all."

    I truly believe this with all my heart. It has been confirmed to me over and over again through the past few years.

  17. Beautiful, and heartbreaking at once. I love happy "coincidences" and 'divine intervention'. Thank you for sharing!


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