Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Column: "SHANNON STYLE"

Hooray for Fashion Column: READER STYLE days! I am LOVING all the submissions that are coming in! This only works because of YOU, so thank you!
I’m ecstatic to present my friend, all the way from Michigan, Shannon! 
Here’s what this DARLING mother of two wants to share with all of you...

From Shannon:

My most inspiring resources lately are Pinterest and Google. Although they both can be a little iffy sometimes, if you know what I mean. I have to tell myself, “just because people wear that and call it ‘fashion’ doesn’t mean it will look good on me”. OR “just because that 19 year old is wearing it doesn’t mean a 29 year old should wear it”.

I still mostly wear my yoga pants during the week with maybe a few nicer outfits sprinkled here and there. It just makes the most sense for this stage in my life. But, I’m learning to even make those “lazy” days a little more cute!

I have two outfits to share today. Above is the “cute one" and below is the "lazy one"



Doesn't she look darling in BOTH outfits? I really appreciate the honest contrast of both pictures because to me, this is an accurate reflection of what it means to adapt to new phases in our lives. She is cute and practical one day, but can be a total fashion queen the next. I love it!

Regardless that you call this look a "lazy one",  you look GREAT Shannon! And the "cute" one is MORE than cute... it's really fantastic! Thank you soooo much for sharing!

You, too, can get to know Shannon better by checking out her really inspiring blog Tuned In which showcases her life as a momma, a super talented crafter and decorator, as well as a very sweet and genuine woman. Truly. I'm thrilled that we connected!

**Tell Shannon what you love most about her outfit(s)! Do yo have "lazy" and "cute" days too? I think we all do... ;) Oh, and I had to add this picture of how FABULOUS her hair looks... Um, yes please!!

 (You can also find where Shannon bought all the pieecs to her outfits on her blog, here)

**Wanna be featured? Send in your submission! Here's HOW!


  1. yay! i love these features and love checking out new blogs!!

  2. Funny, that girl looks awfully familiar. hehe ;)Thanks so much for featuring me!! I'm beyond thrilled and so flattered by your sweet words.

    I gave you a shout out on my blog today...

    1. You are SOOOOO sweet! Thank you Shannon! I really LOVED doing your feature :) Prefect-o!

  3. So exciting to see my friend featured here. She is so creative and stylish. I can't wait until I have a few minutes to check out your blog, Jacy.

    1. WELCOME HERE Jessica! I'm so glad you popped on over!! Any friend of Shannon's is a friend of mine! :) I hope you'll stick around and add yourself as a follower... I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you too!! Shannon is AWESOME, huh??


  4. I'm so glad you submitted two photos - I love the yoga pants and striped top! That's my reality right now and it's good to see it is for someone else too! And I, too, love your hair Shannon! Way cute!

  5. I love both these pictures. As a woman I feel most attractive wearing cute shoes that coordinate with my outfit, and hair done up, you know? I get that extra "bounce in my step" when I'm dressed "cute".

    As a mom, however, casual & comfortable all the way! I love the honesty of the second picture. But, I don't agree with the label "lazy one". A mom's got to keep it casual. How else could we do ALL that we do? Anything, BUT lazy.

    1. TOTALLY TRUE ANON! I didn't realize this.... NOT LAZY AT ALL! Thanks for pointing this out :) Shannon, you need a new term :) LOL!


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