Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hey all!

I am soaking up every minute here in San Diego! Chillier than expected BUT, a fabulous time in deed! I promise I will share all about it when I get back.... Some craaaaazy stuff has been happening on this little adventure but for now, this picture of the sunset will have to do. How breathtaking is this??

I hope that today you will reflect and take the time to enter the Pay it Forward GIVEAWAY by writing a simple sentence or two about someone who deserves a little something special in their lives! Think how happy this small surprise will make someone :) So, avoid putting it off and ultimately forgetting and do it today! Mmmmmmmk??

What have you been up to this weekend??


1 comment:

  1. Hello lady! I'm so being on my blog stalking that i have, like 10 posts to read of yours! Sounds like you are having the best time. And didn't you say it's your birthday? Happy B-day if it is!!


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