Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You a "Car Person"?

There she sat in her great splendor- a distinguished ornament of chrome and steel. A 1970's motor home turned work van, sporting a blotchy spray paint job of creamy lacquer, given the name"TUFF SHED", was parked in our driveway.

When I missed the bus that early morning in 1994, I knew my life would never be the same.

As my dad navigated the beast of metal East on Tabernacle, I asked him to please stop a few blocks away from our destination.

"Why?" he asked... "are you embarrassed of the Tuff Shed?"

"YES!" I said... "Please stop here... I can walk" I blushed.

My dad knew better than this. Instead, he ignored my wishes and did what any wise parent would do. He pulled right up in front of the entrance at West Elementary and threw the car in park.

My face burned with humiliation. I carefully exited the vehicle, looking in all directions and then bolted for the front door as if my future depended on it. I had already concocted an alibi so that if anyone witnessed or inquired about the monster that accompanied me to school that day, I was fully prepared to DENY any and all relation to that mobile machine!


Twenty years later, I really couldn't care less about cars. At all. As long as it gets me from Point A to Point B safely, I will drive it without shame or embarrassment. I never dream about and/or window shop new cars either. Honestly if I could purchase any car tomorrow, sky is the limit, I wouldn't have the first clue as to where to start!

I might stick with a Honda. They are reliable. Other than that, I really don't care. You know, I'd even consider driving my old pal, the Tuff Shed, for convenience purposes. Too bad it's got over 400,000 miles on it and can't pass inspection. Darn. That would be SICK!

**What about YOU? Are you a "car person" (it's okay if you are... tell me about it... :)? Are you fighting in the Minivan vs. Suburban War? If you could have a brand new car tomorrow, what would you pick and why?

**Do you have a story like mine? When you were just so embarrassed of what you had or what you didn't have? In hindsight I feel so stupid because my dad worked SO hard for us and all I cared about was protecting my 4th grade image... silly, silly me!

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  1. Our van was so rusted through you could see the road underneath if you lifted up the carpet (only in some parts). I can't believe it passed inspection, year after year....after year.

  2. I've gone through a lot of humiliating car scenes (my parents are huge OLD car people). The one that sticks out- I was in Jr. High and my mom and sis had come to pick me up from school. They all yelled for me not to open the door. I couldn't really hear what they were telling me so when I opened the door, the car alarm went OFF (it was broken)and didn't turn off until we got home. We lived about 30 minutes from school. I have never cowered so low IN MY LIFE. Now, I am a huge car person. I see Audi's, Acuras, any luxury car and I sigh. I'm also very frugal so I know I'd never drive those cars because of their gas mileage.
    I would buy a honda or nissan. They're my favorites, are reliable, efficient, and above all, cute. Which is what I normally look for in a car! :)

  3. I can't think of a time when I was embarrassed by a car any of my parents drove. My dad usually had something sporty so that was awesome. Otherwise I just didn't care.

    I am NOT a car person at all. My husband is, though, so I let him do all the dreaming for the both of us. Although, just yesterday I damaged the side of my car on a parking garage entrance and I want it fixed ASAP. So, I guess I do have a little bit of car pride.

  4. i swear we always had like a 13 person van and yes, it embarrassed me. except when we snuck off without the parents and shoved half the school in it and turned it into a party van.

    i think i'm more of a car person than i admit to be. i say i don't care about cars, but i do like that my car has a lot of options and leather. i don't love driving the minivan that i do so who knows!

  5. oh yeah, but it wasn't a car. It was a bike. I had the radest blue banana seat bike (nick-named the blue-light special) that I was in love with. It was a smooth sweet ride and I could catch the eye of any 4th grade boy when I was I was cruising the neighborhood. But to my utter shame, one day my father put a bright orange flag on the back. The bike was ruined. I would stash it in the bushes a few blocks away from school, too humiliated to proudly park it with the rest of the cool bikes. :(

    how sad....RIP Blue Light Special

  6. I went through this my entire childhood, at the time it was so embarrasing. I would beg to get dropped off far from the school also. My dad didn't get it and even drove right to the front door one time on an old motorcycle . One day i was waiting for my dad, he drove a long old cadillac and everyone started saying who drives the boat, i was like i have no idea. Its funny how things change as you get older. I could care less now what I drive just like you. As long as it has enough room in the back that my kids can't kick my seat, haha. I think a van is next, even though my husband is hesitant.

  7. I learned to drive in a brown wood paneled station wagon that was born the year BEFORE I was. {hanging my head in shame....}


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