Monday, June 25, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

Hey all! What'd you do this weekend?

Ours was filled with all sorts of memorable moments... Watch and see...

Thursday afternoon, Seth, Little Dude and I boarded my dad's small 4 seater plane and flew West toward Seth's hometown (a gorgeous little city nestled right against the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's).

This was us "pre-flight". We look so happy, don't we?

It's a crying shame that no more than 30 minutes later, our happy smiles turned sour- very, very sour. Constant turbulence caused BOTH he and I to fill our Ziploc bags with BARF. Disgusting. Once Little Dude fell asleep, I started to hyperventilate due to Hypoxia, also known as "altitude sickness", making my arms (from my hands to my elbows) and my feet completely numb and my heart rate UP. This has never happened, ever. Freaked me right out!

Luckily, once we landed we felt much better and so, minus a pretty bumpy start, the adventures began!

First thing first... we went fishing!

It was oodles and gobs of fun for the first 4 minutes until Seth slipped on the incredibly slick boulders and cracked his chin right open. Once we saw the big glob of blood on the boulder and realized half of his chin was dangling off, we knew it was bad news! The next 4 hours were spent in the E.R. and 14 stitches later, he looked like this :(

We laid pretty low that night.

The next morning after Little Dude went on a canoe ride, a feather hunt and a morning hike with Seth's dad, we headed to an old mining town for some good ol' family fun.

We learned how to candle-dip...

How to pan for gold...

And we even learned how to ward off "bad-guy" robbers on a Stage Coach ride!

Somewhere in the middle of all this FUN Seth got bit by a Meat Bee and in no time, it looked like this! WOAH!

We went to church with his folks which was so nice. It's unfortunate that Seth was walking like a stiff old man. Apparently he smacked his chin SO hard that he got some decent whiplash! POOR GUY!

After church it was time to head home, tackling the dreaded airplane ride once again. This time we were much more prepared. Little Dude and I took Dramamine and I was the lucky winner who got to sport a cannula.

As hideous as this looks, the extra oxygen lent to a much more enjoyable flight for me. Gratefully Little Dude crashed right out and I was able to witness THIS BREATHTAKING VIEW!

Seth was our pilot most of the way home (minus take off and landing) and he did AWESOME! 

Alright, so it wasn't the smoothest trip we've ever been on... (what's with our trips to the Urgent Care as of late? We make a disastrous trio I guess :)... but we had a blast anyway! We definitely created some unforgettable memories!

Until next time, goodbye beautiful place!


  1. UGH!! First, the puking, then the stitches, the bee sting and that oxygen thing! Hope Seth is better. What a place for stitches! I can't even imagine what that will be like for shaving....

    I bet you are glad to be home, even though it does seem like you had a good time, in spite of....and good company!! The plane photos...AMAZING!! I love airplanes, but maybe bigger ones now.


  2. Okay....that sounds awful! But you are right, definitely memorable! Hope everyone is doing better now. I think that you and Seth might just be better off sticking a little closer to home! You guys have too many problems when you leave! Haha!! I hope this track record doesn't continue.

  3. Oh! Poor Seth!!! I can't believe he had such bad luck! I am glad you had fun inspite of it all!

  4. Whoa, what a weekend!!! Sounds like a lot of not-so-fun adventures, but it still looks like a really great time! I'm glad you had fun! The scenes from the plane are beautiful! Love you!

  5. Haha. You guys seem to be spending lots of time in the ER these days. lol! But, yet it always makes for a great story right? I'm glad you're both OK. me girlfriend!!

  6. Wow. Sounds like you need a staycation after THAT vacation. Glad we were entertained by your adventure but sorry you had to endure the rough patches! Hope everyone heals up quick!!

  7. oh i love those small little towns- looking for gold, making nostalgic! gotta love some dramamine. for real lifesaver!

  8. The three of you might want to stay home for a while! :-) But so funny to read about.

  9. Oh geez girl! What a way to start a trip! Looks like the panning for gold was pretty safe though...


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  10. I know I already said this but...

    You guys are the most adorably accident-prone couple I have the pleasure to know!

    Any terrible toots on the plane?

    1. Scabby!

      Are you kidding? When I barfed, everyone was sneaking them out... :) haha! Apparently my dad did some research before we came back and the altitude pressure causes serious stomach issues in those small planes (especially when your 15,000 feet up)... so, we hardly ate before we left! HAHA! Not too bad the way home but the way over.... BRUTAL!

      I don't have my phone for a few days (left it in California) but I'm dying to talk to you! I'll call you as soon as I am back in business!

      Wish I woulda been here over the weekend... darn!

  11. Oh my goodness, what an eventful weekend! Glad you had some fun between the mishaps!!! Love that view.

  12. Oh my gosh, Jace! Poor Seth. But he looks so cute next to his dad! They're definitely related :)


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