Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fashion Column: "ERIN STYLE"

Wednesday is here..... again! Fashion Column: "READER STYLE" time!

Today you all get to meet my very talented and professional friend, writing in from downtown Chicago, ERIN!
Here's a taste of what Erin's got goin' on (see if you can find a commonality in all 3 outfits):

If you didn't notice, Erin LOVES polka dots!! :)

From Erin:

I work in an office setting where we have to be business-y on a regular basis.  Jeans on Fridays only, please!  Also, as someone in a management position who still feels too “young” to be telling other people what to do I try to dress in a way that makes me feel like a “real” grown-up.  Whatever that means.  I used to wear black pants almost every day but in the past 6 months I’ve started branching out and wearing more skirts and dresses to work.  I’ve also been playing with patterns and colors.   Living in Chicago can make it challenging to dress fun when you have to walk to and from a train while commuting or have to deal with Mother Nature and her whims.

So, I chose these three outfits because all of them make me feel professional, mature (but not “too” mature, you know) and put together.  Also, because I like polka dots. 

Polka dot cardigan outfit – Everything from The Limited, shoes from

Polka dot dress outfit – Dress from The Limited, Blazer from Express, shoes from TJ Maxx 

Polka dots and red cardigan – Everything from The Limited 

Erin is what I describe as the epitome of professional and class, but with a flare. She looks confident, conservative, cute and totally comfortable in every. single. picture. I can't decide which one I love best... maybe the turquoise sweater? They are all so well done! Way to go Erin!

Check out her really sleek blog LOOP LOOKS for more fashionable ideas! I think she's got something really cool going on and ladies, she even offers closet consultations... how cool is that? I might hit her up for some tips... I never know what to pair together!

**WHICH OUTFIT OF ERIN'S DO YOU LOVE BEST? And how many of my readers have been to The Windy City? It's a place I've always wanted to visit but have yet to get there. Erin, you up for visitors? ;)

** SUBMIT your look by following these instructions... I'm needing more of you to keep this thing going!


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  2. Oops, used the wrong account!

    What I meant to say from this account was:

    Thanks, Jacy! You always say the nicest things about your readers!

  3. I love the magenta cardigan with the frilly polka dot blouse! Apparently I need to go into The Limited more often! And a closet consultation??? Yes, please!


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