Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fashion Column: "HAILEY STYLE"

Drumroll please....

Meet my cute friend HAILEY!

From Hailey:

this outfit makes me feel cute & classy! as a freshly divorced 23 year old, who is falling in love with life all over again, i love to feel beautiful! (something that i NEVER felt during my toxic marriage). this is one of my go-to outfits because the black on black is slimming! my black jeans are super comfortable and really high waisted so i feel "tucked in" :) my top is girly and i love that i bought it on super clearance months ago and it just so happens to be "peplum" which is totally IN right now. I have had this cardigan since i was like 16 years old and it has made it through every closet purge i've ever done. it's THAT PIECE that i will probably have until the day i die. I love it. it's classy, cute and timeless. my necklace matches my wedges (and braces, haha) and tie the whole outfit together. i would wear this outfit on a date, to a party, or just while running errands around town with my mom (you never know who you'll run into!). 

wedges: Ross 
necklace: Real Deals in Logan, UT
earrings: American Eagle
top: American Eagle
cardigan: Maurice's (back in like 2005!)
jeans: DownEast

You look DARLING Hailey! I love this simplicity of this look, yet you look so sophisticated and classy. I love it all! And I love those pieces that are timeless... I think we all have those! It's such a great cardigan :)

Not only does Hailey have a great sense of style (as you can tell),  she has a really great blog too! If you're looking for a real and honest approach on life, you'll enjoy every word she writes over at The Hailey Daily. She is such a sweet woman!

**How cute does she look? Do you have those timeless pieces that you will keep forever?

** Wanna be featured? Check it out!


  1. Love her! I'm also loving the necklace...awesome piece. My vote is alwasy for simplicity!


  2. That is an adorable outfit! What a great way to make black look fun and classy!

  3. thanks for your sweet comments (and words) jacy, stacia, and erin!! i had so much fun during this photo shoot so i'm glad i got to share it with you!

  4. Hailey,
    I am addicted to bloggers! I checked out your blog after reading this post and spent a little time with it getting to know your story. I have to say, you are a bright spritited young woman! And you look AWESOME! You just look like you are on the happy end of some challenging trials! Keep it up!

    Love, Lindsey

    1. Lindsey! Thank you SO much! i am glad you can see how happy i am! it's been a long journey :) do you have a blog? i'll have to check it out! THANKS AGAIN!

    2. I do! You can find it by clicking on my name! :)


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