Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Good Man

This morning, with much gratitude, I reflect the excellence in quality of the most intelligent, generous, and hard working man I have ever known: my dad.

While he has gifted our family with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will be forever cherished, it is his honesty and integrity that have permanently imprinted my soul. A solid foundation of strength in my life, I consider myself golden to have a dad who not only provided a wonderful childhood and home, but who also offers and maintains a friendship of mutual respect and love every step of the way.

Sitting around a smoldering campfire sometime last year, my dad and I found ourselves discussing life and how quickly it can change. When I expressed fear and concern of getting remarried someday and the possibility of being divorced/betrayed again, he interrupted my worries and said in a comforting manner, “We will be here for you, LacyJ. No matter what. We will be here.”

A man who would do anything for his family.  A man whom I love with all of my heart.


If you are reading this today... LIKEWISE. I will always be here for you, too. You are the essence of a GOOD man. Thank you for always standing up for what you believe in. Thank you for your example. Thank you for enriching my life. 

Happy Father’s Day! 


  1. This is the sweetest. even though ive never met him, I adore your Dad too. How incredibly amazing to know without a doubt that he's got your back and you've got his. I had to think about ther for a bit, because I think that kind of loyalty might be pretty rare. Thats a beautiful gift! Happy Fathers Day Jacys Dad!

  2. Loved this! Happy Father's Day to your wonderful Dad!

  3. A few days ago, as I was searching for a card for my father, I was thinking I really needed to write a note to my two girls. Its been too long since I told them how much I love and appreciate all the things they bring to my life. Then V told me I needed to read your post today – so it kind of forced the issue.

    To me - Father’s Day belongs to Grampa Evan or Grampa Jim .

    Come on...I’m your friend, your music partner, Little Dude’s “tractor buddy”, your business brainstorming protégé. I love to hang around with you and recite all the hilarious and adventuresome experiences we’ve had over the last 28 years. Friends "hang" right?

    I’m honored and humbled by the kind thoughts you shared – and appreciate them more than you know...but please remember me on Best Friends Day too. With all the good you are life, with your son, and on your blog – there are thousands of friends out there and I’m hoping I'm still on the Best Friends List - like when you were six.

    Love you

    Dad (and friend #1 historically speaking)

    1. Padre Kip,

      Funny you bring this up because I had originally taken this post a different route and then changed it...

      No need to worry one bit... I actually consider you a 'best friend' 364 days of the year! And while I have no problem announcing to the entire world that my folks are my best pals (think Toula sitting between her parents on the plastic covered sofa in My Big Fat Greek Wedding), I felt that on this day, the one day we celebrate this role, I should honor you for the incredible father/provider/man/worker/example you are and always have been. I think too often I forget how much you've done for me... because we've been 'best pals' for so long .... but as I wrote this, I realized that you have always been my daddy, too. Daddy's are very special... don't wish it away.

      Okay... so, now that it's midnight and the celebration is over, you can go back to being my ' best friend' the rest of the year. Friends do "hang" and friends treat friends to lunch, right?? :)

      See you Thursday!

    2. So cute. I like the hint about treating to lunch...haha

  4. Wow...looks like your man Seth better be careful, sounds like he has some competition!!!!


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