Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oscar Wilde

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  1. Problem -how do you really find yourself after heartbreak and deception when yours exude to stay for your kids?

    1. Hi anon... sorry I'm just getting to this question... been out of town...

      You know, that is a toughy because it seems SO HARD! But I do think that it is possible to find yourself, even if you stay with the person who hurt you so terribly. Because I have chosen a different path than you, I can't give you concrete advice that worked for me, but I can give you a few tips that have helped me.

      1) Learn to trust yourself. If you haven't read my post on trust, go back and do it.

      2) Read today's post over and over about being a pioneer woman. Learn to carry on and be happy regardless of the situation. Easier said than done-- I know.

      3) Take care of you... whether it be counseling, time away from kids, a massage if you can, a journal of some sort, ANYTHING that will help you focus on YOU! Not him, or his addiction, or anything else. Just you!

      4) Get better in touch with your Spiritual beliefs- whatever they may be. Connect with your faith, your hope, and your soul.

      5) Keep reading... find people, talks, quotes, books, that will help you. Never give up on your quest.

      We are all different... but we can all be happy... I truly believe this.

      I am sending you big hugs! I do not understand exactly how you are feeling, but I do know what it's like to feel totally hopeless... but it is possible to overcome... time can heal all things, but we have to reach out too... finding strength and peace and happy little things, one day at a time.

      Love you!

  2. Sorry typos, when you decide to stay married for your kids sake?


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