Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashion Column: "JO STYLE"

You guys! I received a few submissions for the Fashion Column: READER STYLE! Woot woot! Thank you! I need more... more, more, MORE! Keep 'em coming, OK? 

Now to the good part...
Meet my newest partner in crime... my darling friend, JO!

Hi! I'm Jo, I'm a nomadic Air Force wife, currently awaiting the return of my Airman from Korea- next month! And my style is THRIFTY! I approach shopping as a challenge, a game in which the winner is the one who scores the best deal while still looking stylish! My mom instilled in me the idea that good quality, flattering clothing never has to cost full-price, and I take pride in saving more than I spend each trip! In fact, when my mom and I get the chance to shop together, we always try to out-save each other! I'll never forget one time I went in wanting to spend 20 dollars and I did, while saving over $200! I mostly shop at Kohl's, though I often buy name-brand clothing from the stores in the mall- I do it by shopping clearance, using discount coupons, and buying as much as I can off-season! This outfit saved me about $100 dollars. 

Top: Kohl's- $4.20
Tank: Rue 21- $2.50
Shorts: Kohl's- $3.80
Sneakers: Asics- $45
Rings: Olive Bungalow (a cute handmade jewelry company, they were a gift)

Other than thrifty, I would describe my style as laid-back feminine. These days, I'm almost always found wearing shorts and one of these great loose crop-tops, layered with a tank top. I love how the shorts show off my legs (and so does my husband!) and the flowy, loose tops like this one make me feel feminine, plus they show off my shoulders, which are my favorite feature. Of course, I'm almost always wearing my bright pink Asics. I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking and running with my best buddy (my aussie-border collie mix, who we have nicknamed Poopy :) ), so good sneakers are a MUST for me! I also make a lot of my own accessories, like hair clips and scarves, though I wasn't wearing any today! My most common "accessory" is my beloved Canon T3i. 

Jo... I think you are soooooo COOL! I love your whole aura, but I think what I like most is that smile of yours! You look exactly as you described yourself... laid back yet totally feminine and I love your thriftiness! I dig the color of your blouse with those bright Asics. Fun, summery and super CUTE! I'm so excited for you to finally get your man back... YAY! 

You too can follow Jo's craft blog, Paisely and Dinosaurs. She is sooooooo full of ideas and ever so talented! Check it out!

** Isn't this such a fun look? Are YOU thrifty? What kind words would you like to shower JO with today? She's reading so DO TELL!

P.S. Tuesday was a rough day... and no, not because of my Sahara Deserty dry legs. Don't worry, I'm fine... BUT I received a ton of comments yesterday that I'd like to respond to but haven't had a free minute yet. Some were funny, some not so much (on other posts)... I promise I will attack all of those today... I love you all. Really, I do :)

Oh, and last day to enter the GIVEAWAY! Cutest wallet EVER!


  1. I love a good bargain. I love that the receipts at Kohl's tell you how much you've saved. I always get really excited.

    Penniless Socialite
    Enter My Giveway!

  2. Seriously a good deal gives me an adrenaline rush. Way to be proud of your legs and show 'em off for your hubby.

    So glad he's coming home! Where do you live? It looks beautiful in the pictures.

    And I might add that I think Jo is the most endearing name. ;)

    1. I'm living in indiana for the next.... 9 Days! Then I'll be moving home to Utah!

      And thanks, that's so sweet of you to say that! My full name is Joanna, but Jo is what i've gone by since I got out of high school!

  3. I LOVE the style of flowy tops! I keep wanting to buy more, but I'm also a thrifty shopper like you :) SUPER awesome! But what I'm most excited about is that your man gets home in a month! That's so exciting!!

  4. Jacy - I'm glad you got some more submissions! I love to see what everyone else is wearing and like you mentioned in your previous post, not the Pinterest outfits, but REAL outfits!

    Jo - I love the shirt! I am loving the stripes this season! I went shopping a few weeks back and brought four tops and three of them were stripes - haha!

    And, THANK YOU to you and your husband for his service!

    1. I know, stripes are great this year! And thanks for thanking us, lol!

  5. Hey Jacy! Thanks for much for featuring me! I've never done anything like this, it's really boosted my confidence! Now, i've done it, the rest of you should submit YOUR style! :)

    And thanks to everyone for the warm words, you ladies are great!

  6. I just LOVE your style Jo! You look adorable in this stripped top and hot pink runners!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the bright shirt! So cute, Jo.

  8. Wow! You are an amazing thrifter! I love the outfit!

  9. Hi Jo! I was mesmerized by the sweet rocking chair on your porch! Looks very laid-back and goes with your summer style. My mom had a rocking chair like that. And I just helped a friend re-do a couple of those chairs for her front porch.

    I'm so glad your husband gets to come home soon!

  10. I am thrifty! Love to go in a 2nd hand store and hunt for clothes at like a tenth of the price they should be, it is sort of my drug ;)

  11. Jo-I'm completelt serious here when I ask you...WILL YOU PLEASE SHOP FOR ME?


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