Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Good morning! I just woke up about 45 minutes ago.... Life. is. good.

We are here, enjoying the scenic views of Wyoming!

Service is really spotty in this neck of the woods and so, I'm putting my phone away, I'm closing my computer and I am going to bask in the greatness of this stunning place for a few days.

Hope you all have fantastic weekend! Anything exciting on the docket?



  1. What part of wyoming are you in?? I spent a few days up there this past week :)


  2. Hi! Funny! Just this morning I thought "I swear there was someone asking the last time I was in Wyoming where it was... I need to go back and respond to that..." haha! SORRY!

    So, my parents have a place in Star Valley.... about an hour fifteen SOUTH of Jackson. Small little town... beautiful :)

    Where do you spend your time?? Do you have family here?


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