Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Words I Wish I Didn't Hear

Yesterday afternoon a tween-age boy, his dad and about 3 of his spindly siblings are playing at above pool. When it's time to wrap it up, Padre hollers at the kids to get out as he exits first. A minute later, the teen hops out and heads for his towel but before he gets within arms length of the giant piece of cloth his dad says, 

"You've got SNOT all over your face... Get back in the pool and wash it off!"

The boy immediately turns around, jumps into the pool (about 4 feet away from Little Dude), dips his face in the water and BLOWS his nose. 

In a public pool!

And that is when my mom pipes up and says with a disgusted smirk on her face, "And that is why you don't see ME in a public pool."

Grody! There are so many other logical choices to be made here! How about you tell your son to use the corner of his ginormous fluffy towel? Or perhaps run into the bathroom and grab a tissue? Or you could even have him find a big enough leaf to get the job done? And I guess if all else fails and you are in dire need, you can always resort to the snot rocket method in a bush nearby? But for heavens sake... pretty please... DO NOT give orders to leave the entire content of his sinus cavity in a 1200 square foot pool scattered with innocent bystanders! 

Sometimes I really wonder what some parents are thinking?! Kids can be gross and inconsiderate, I get it. But come on! Really? This was about the nastiest and most nonsensical set of instructions I've ever heard!

I'm so relieved that I dangled my feet in the water before it was intentionally contaminated with slimy green floaty's.  To the suckers trapped in there as it happened, my deepest apologies.


  1. For what it's worth, my hubs used to be a Certified Pool Operator (yes, there is such a thing) and he says there are so many chemicals in public pools the snot was probably dissolved and disinfected in a matter of seconds.

    If that's any consolation. :)

  2. I've heard that, too (what Jane said), but still. :-/ Bluh!!!!

  3. HAHAHAA! This is hilarious!!!

  4. I am at work basking in the sheer bliss of my Nestle Crunch special edition girl scouts thin mints chocolate bar. I was afraid I was going to get majorly attached to this candy, but after chewing and reading about the "green floaties" I think I can overcome the attachment! My waist line thanks you!! HAHA

  5. I'm out in the field with all my Army buddies. Shared this story with them and made every one of them gag. :-) It's disgustingly hilarious.

  6. thats so gross... how inconsiderate of his parents! now i'm going to have a phobia of public pools :P

    1. Hayley!!!!!! WELCOME HERE! I'm so excited to get to know you better :) Add yourself as follower and keep in touch :)

  7. I just threw up in my mouth a little. A have a friend who is a nurse who won't even GET into a hot tub because of stuff like this. Shudder.


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