Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Column: SCABS STYLE

She's unique... she's bold... she's not afraid to be different... she stands out... she's got a great sense of style in every realm of the word... and I'm so blessed to call her my friend! We've met in real life and she really is as lovely and authentically cool in person as she is online! I love this chick!

And with that... meet my pal, SCABS!

Hello ladies & gents.  My name is Scabs.  Not my real name.  If you've read my story, you understand the anonymity.  That story is not why I'm here today, but it is the reason all my photos are headless.  

I'm a girl who believes there is magic in yoga and riding my bike.  I'm a girl who is a master scary campfire story teller.  Oh yes, let's go camping!  I'm a girl who's kids beg her to do the "David Bowie" dive into the pool.  It's rad.  I'm a girl who's daughter said I smell like broccoli today.  Say what?!?!! anyway...

Let's talk summer fashion! 

The Dress

In my world, the dress is my summer uniform.  When temps rise the need for something loose and light trumps all, not to mention the need for a little breeze.  Nothing irritates me more than hot sticky pants on hot sticky thighs in hot sticky weather.  right?

Dresses are beautifully thoughtless, just throw on a big fat cocktail ring, a pair of sandals, some lip-gloss and wallaaaah!  You are gorgeous.  But, I  must warn you, they can be dangerous.  Once, while waiting at my favorite taco shop, an industrial size fan blew my dress Marilyn Monroe style!  Helpless it flew over my head exposing my drawers to the lunchtime crowd.  nice.

Dress: vintage/thrifted (here)
Belt: vintage/thrifted
Bracelets: handmade by bff, forever 21
Drink: Hubert's Raspberry Lemonade yum!

The Air-Conditioned Pant

Yes, I do love air-conditioned boyfriend jeans!  Again with the breezy, looseness on my legs the air-conditioned pant is a must for summer.  A plain T,  textured belt and a pair of boyfriend jeans = a little tomboy style.  I didn't feel totally right about picking my daughter up from her first day of school in pj's so this outfit was my close second and just as comfy.  

Tshirt:  Old Navy
Belt: thrifted/vintage
Air-conditioned Pant: Gap
Bag: TJ Max

Maxing out the House

I wish summer meant I didn't have to clean.  But I do.  Dog hair, kids mud, dust from the ha-boob (click here to see what I'm talking about), dirty dishes and dirty laundry drive me bananas!  Thursday is the day I max out the house and this is the fashionable outfit I wear.  Don't judge.  This is a double layered outfit.  One layer functional for cleaning, the other for swimming.  Mopping floors and toting laundry all morning makes me want to look at Pinterest and read My Name is Jacy instead.  So, to keep focused, mid-house maxing I'll jump in the pool and even do the "David Bowie" dive if I'm feeling frisky!  A quick 5 minutes, slip on my t-shirt n' shorts and I'm ready to finish my housework.  

Tshirt: Old Navy (is it the same one as above?)
Shorts: Sports Chalet
Bracelet: Madewell
Bikini: Target
All Purpose Spray:  Trader Joe's

Enjoy the rest of your fashionable summer!

Peace Out,

Uh, I love it ALL girlfriend! You look dynamite in every picture and I must say that I love your props... You totally took it to the next level... and my mouth is watering because that lemonade looks delish! I think I dig the tomboy style best on you... it just looks sooooo stellar! I'm not sure I could pull it off... but I think I might give it a try :) And this is what I love so much about you! You can pull ANYTHING off and no matter what it is, you are so totally original and uniquely you :)



If you'd like to get to know Scabs better, or why she remains anonymous for this feature, check out her blog EAT MY SCABS. Don't let the title scare you away (read about its significance here). If you go there, you will find a raw and emotionally tasteful journey unlike any other. This brave and resilient woman has found herself writing about sex addiction and its brutal impact on her marriage, the hilariously disgusting things that come with it, the unfathomably painful parts, the process of forgiveness and healing and recovery and how it all fits in her life, and the powerful ability to love even when it seems impossible and always, no matter what, never losing HOPE. She is truly one in a million- an inspiration at its finest. 

P.S. If you like what you see on the FASHION COLUMN, I need more participants ;) You know the drill... but here you go just in case :)


  1. Love the vintage dress and belt combo!

    1. Thanks Mel and Chantel (does that rhyme or what?)

  2. Super love!! I love the flowy dress! :)

    1. P.S. I also want to say how much I look up to BOTH of you! Two of my most inspirational people represented in one post. Thank you Jacy and Scabs for being such strong women and examples to me.

    2. You always have the kindest things to say Chantel. I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

  3. I love her tomboy outfit!! Sometimes it's in outfits like this that we feel the most beautiful. I also read a bit of her story. Scabs, you are a strong woman and truly and inspiration.

    1. Thanks! later, I was thinking if I was really fashionable I'd have thrown on a bright chunky necklace, a rad pair of leather strap sandals and a bracelet or two...
      but i love it anyway.

  4. OMG, this post made me roll! I don't think I've ever seen a headless fashion post! ;D

    1. i know...headless! totally weird, right? I'm laughing at it too!!

  5. I've always been intrigued by the "real" Scabs…you totally got it! No surprise there! xoxo

  6. Jacy! wiping away the tears, you wrote such kind things about me. Thanks for being the best kind of friend! love

  7. dude. how funny.. I just spent the last two nights devouring her blog. And then here she pops up :) pleasant surprise! She is totally cute!


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