Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Before Little Dude starts school on Monday, we decided we'd come up for one last family shindig in Wyoming. I know, it seems like we are here every weekend... and we are here a lot... it's just SO gorgeous... WHY NOT? Plus my sister and her friend were coming too, so we couldn't miss it!

Here's a little recap of what we've been up to (we are still here btw... till Sunday):

We drove up to Jackson Hole and ventured a little further to the Tetons. Bummer it was hazy... still sooooo beautiful!

We hiked around spectacular Jenny Lake with my Momma V and sister Jenny.

Grandma V and Little Dude did a little camping... sort of. Camp-out lasted until about 3 am when the boy had to go tinkles and decided he'd had enough... Momma V had too... so they finished the night inside... ha!

We did some airplane flying that lasted a whole 20 minutes- cheapest airplane toy ever. But best jammies ever! So I forgot to bring some pj's this trip and all we had were old 2T footie ones here? Just cut the feet off and whaaaaala! JAMMIES! Fashion Column anyone?

Wildlife watching was intense this time around! We are usually glued to the hummingbirds fighting at the feeder but yesterday we saw a MASSIVE moose out the window. We ran outside to stare at it and once he saw us, he jumped over the fence onto our property, walked up our driveway, cut through our lawn, and was probably no more than 15 feet away from us standing on our deck. By the time I grabbed my camera, he was on his way into our back yard- the Salt River. Here's the best picture I got of the beast. Pretty cool!

After that, Little Dude was completely mesmerized with the binocs, even though he'd look through them backwards. And yes, that's my son... different morning, different pair of modified jams. It's called utilizing what you have :)

And to wrap it all up, last night we played a super fun dice game called Left, Right, Center. If you like games, it's easy and enjoyable for all ages. You can play with candy or money or prizes or whatever... but last night, Papa was feeling generous and BIG money was on the table! Aunt Jenny CLEANED up and won $10 in grandpa's quarters. Not a bad gig if you ask me!!

I think I'll just go ahead and say that I have a pretty awesome family- quite possibly the best. I'm in love with this stunning place and I savor every minute we are able to spend here together as a fam-damily. What a fantastic way to end our summer!

**Have you ever been to Jackson Hole? Have you seen the Tetons? Do any of your family's have cabins? If so, where?


  1. we've never been in jackson hole, but we just (yesterday!) bought a new-to-us CRV and camping trips are in our future, now that we have a car big enough! we are pretty close to that area, i guess, so maybe we'll check it out!

    1. You TOTALLY should Jo! It's not too far at all... you would LOVE IT!

  2. It looks so beautiful!! I love little dudes jammies, so hilarious. Sorry I haven't commented on much for awhile...I only have my phone for Internet and commenting is a bit of a chore!

  3. Love this! My little man has those exact same PJs... good idea on cutting off the feet! Haha. I miss Jackson Hole (although not the state of WY). I love the south and I'm a southern at heart but sometimes, late at night, I miss Utah and Idaho a ton. Weird, I know.

  4. So fun to catch some glimpses of your family vacation. V looks as lovely as ever! I'm totally loving the jammies. I'm starting to wonder why I ever bought bigger sizes when I could have just cut the feet off! Ha ha!


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