Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Late Night and Fashion Must Haves

There really aren't too many things I love more than a lengthy, in-depth conversation with my dad.

Yesterday morning he surprised the Little Dude and I with a quick one-day visit and last night after getting the boy asleep, we stayed awake until well past our bedtimes and talk of life, love, politics, business ventures, disappointment, success, hopes, dreams, etc. filled the midnight air. It was marvelous. So marvelous that I wasn't able to write a super fresh and well thought-out blog post this morning... sorry folks, time with the pops came first ;)

Instead, I decided to do something a little bit different today... 

Since a season change is right around the corner, I thought it be fun to share some of my Fashion Must Haves for Fall. I'm not sure if I can consider them "must haves" because the actuality of me getting any of these this fall (or ever)... well, that's another story... but what the heck! It's fun to dream, right?

I may be a little late to the par-tay but I am still dying to get a pair of combat boots. These are dynamite!


I'm in LOVE with this Peter Pan collar tee!


This coat makes my heart sing! Actually, the whole ensemble makes me happy! Yes please!


And I secretly want these leggings... or something similar. How cute!


**What are your FASHION MUST HAVES for FALL? Anything you're dying to try out for the new season? Oh, and I almost forgot! I really want a blazer- preferably a royal blue or white one :)

Cheers everyone! To happy Thursday's and late nights full of laughs and interesting conversations with the old man!


  1. I'm really coveting some cooler weather for fall. (I'm in Miami where we don't really have fall)

    Seriously, I want some new riding boots to wear with leggings.

  2. I love your Fall outfits. I've been on the hunt for some not-so-expensive combat boots as well! Glad you had a good talk with your old always comes first!

  3. Hi! I love the coat!!!!!! Want it! Love your blog! Glad ya joined mine~ nice to get to know ya! Have a fantastic day!

  4. Super cute fall clothes! Oh my goodness I am loving those boots! And how fun to hang with your dad, dad chats are the best!

  5. Places I can't afford!! Haha!! Boots some European store... Peter pan is j crew... Coat is anthropologie.... And the leggings some online shop. I linked to all them on the image credits (under the photo). CUTE, huh?????

    1. Yes! Hey, by the way I need your address, or phone number again. You can send it to my email. Ally bench at gmail. Thanks!!


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