Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Good morning, friends!

How was your week? Any fun plans for the holiday weekend?

Little Dude and I just woke up. Yes, we slept in until 8:45 am. Glorious.

But, the kid has some crusty boogers and a stuffy nose going on.... and he has a cough. Boo. Even though it's a holiday weekend and an absolute perfect temperature outside, I think we'll forgo summer fun and stick inside today. We don't want this nonsense to spread.

Our week wasn't too eventful, just our regular routine of school and work and play.

Although, I did find a fabulous beauty blog! You guys should check it out... it's called MASKCARA. Cara is a super talented beauty pro and offers really great tips on her site.

For instance, I tried her "Megan Fox Inspired Locks" hair tutorial and GUESS WHAT!? It worked! My hair has never looked so good curly.... for realz. It's usually frizzy and kinky and crunchy... but her tips left my hair with a nice, soft curl that I've never experienced. And, it's lasted for days! I'm on day 3 and it still looks great!

Here are some pictures of the way it turned out (I had a tough time getting a good shot... I was at work, in a dark office space so, please forgive the quality of the pics).

THANK YOU CARA! I don't even know you personally (although, we have lots of mutual friends from our hometown) but you have officially changed my life forever!

I also wanted to share my friend Melissa's really great nutritional blog with you, too. She is a super talented personal trainer and offers such informative stuff about health and fitness on her site. Check it out at Healthy Bits and Bites.

Welp! I think that's it for today... this is the first Saturday in months and months and months that we don't have something planned- not one darn thing. Since my house is already clean, I think I'll organize and de-junk today. You can never go wrong with that :)

**What are you up to this holiday weekend?

Love to you all.... oodles and gobs of it! I'm still getting tons of emails and messages from you... and I love and appreciate it so much! THANK YOU!

*If you haven't "liked" the MNJ Facebook page yet, DO! I'd love to have you over there as well. You can "like" it HERE :)

*And don't forget that I'm on Instagram under "mynameisjacy". I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, my readers, better! It's been so fun!


  1. Your hair looks so good! I need to check out her blog and try some of those hairstyles because I am in a major rut! I hope you little guy gets better, it's no fun when the kids are sick.

    1. You should totally try it McKae!!!! If you have any curl/wave at all, this might just work ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Love the hott hair! I'm on the hunt for cheap gel, which I never use! I'm one of those CHI conditioning/spray conditioning kind of girls. :)

  3. You are such a beautiful person. I think if I saw you walking down the street without knowing you I'd think, "Dang, that girl is pretty." But since I DO know you, you are even MORE radiant!

    Also, LOVE the hair! I think I will try it!! It seems like a good hair-do to get me through half a work week. Bun on the top of my head is getting old ;)

    1. I loooooove you Chantel! Like, lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!! You should totally try it! I bet you'll love it, too!

  4. your hair is gorgeous, i love how you styled it!!

    1. Why thank you Meg! It's a new do I'm trying out and I have LOVED IT!

  5. HOw did i miss this!!!??? I love all things hair and this is adorable on you. You always look fabulous! xoxo scabby


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