Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

I can't believe the first week of September has already passed! I am absolutely loving the slight cool, crisp breeze in the air. I don't know... there's just some sort of a magical feeling in the air this time of year and I adore it!

Life's been good.

Little Dude got his very first pet this week!

Meet Blue Blue our new parakeet :)

Isn't she a beauty? Little Dude's been asking for a pet incessantly and so, I finally caved in!

He is obsessed.

Blue Blue has a permanent spot on his index finger, she sleeps next to him on his pillow, and she goes with us EVERYWHERE!

I am forever grateful that our artsy neighbor, Clotield, discovered this dusty gem in a basement box and thought of Little Dude before throwing it out- because now the kid is off my case about having a pet AND his imagination is running wild! Definitely a win- win for us all :)

In other news, Seth has a hole the size of a 20" pizza in his living room window.

Folks, NEVER swat at a bee with the hard-cover text book "Argumentation and Critical Decision Making" in hand. 

But if you do get in a brawl with a bee and find yourself swinging the book around like a crazy person, make sure you have decent grasp on the book AND ensure that you're not standing in front of 7 foot window.

Poor guy. Quite a price to pay for a pestering little insect. And he even got a shard of glass in his thumb to boot. Lol.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Hope it's filled with a lot of fun!


Edited To Add: Blue Blue isn't a real bird. Think of Petey from Dumb and Dumber without the duct tape :) No but really, it's just a stuffed little bird that our neighbor found in her basement. Apparently I failed to communicate the sarcasm in my story well. Can't win 'em all :) ha!


  1. That is one of the most adorable thing's I've ever seen-and little dude's smile goes on for miles! I have a 6 year old little blonde baby brother and your little dude's smile reminded me of my brother's enormous (currently toothless) grin, which is just what i needed today!!

    1. So sweet of you Birdie! I love Little Dude's REAL smile.. not the corny one... but THIS one just melts my heart ;) I'm glad it did your, too. THANK YOU!

  2. awww...someone is really happy with Blue Blue! :)

  3. Window mishaps SUCK! But the picture of LD? Too. Darn. Cute!

  4. Aww little guy is so happy about his pet, that's adorable! And sorry about the windows that's a major bummer. I have to admit though, imagining what was going to on when that happened kind of made me giggle. Poor guy

    1. Hilarious, right? I about died laughing! Especially since the name of the book is perfect for the mishap!

  5. Wow, a pet?! You're now the mom of the year! I'm too whimpy to get a pet. LD is so happy! Love that picture of him. Oh, and it just had to be the critical decision making book, right? That's awful and hilarious at the same time. Poor Seth.

    1. WOW! Thanks Kenz! Mom of the year!!?? I'll take it!!!!!! Especially since it's not a real bird ;) A friend text me this morning and said "So is the bird real? I don't get it!"

      I laughed and thought I better clarify....

      Everyone! Blue Blue is not real... just a look alike that Cloteild found in her basement... but Little Dude is thrilled and actually considers him his new pet! HA!


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