Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sometimes it's really hard to 'believe there is good in the world' when you've been hurt in such a way that everything becomes skewed. Sometimes it's also really hard to 'be the good' when your world has been turned upside down and your insides are screaming to seek revenge. And sometimes it's really even harder to stomach cheesy sayings like this because you're just not ready to see them yet.

But sometimes, when you become a healthier and more stable you (after a lot of healing and time and self reflection has taken place), it's no longer as hard to see a saying like this. It's no longer as hard to believe in its meaning. It's no longer as hard to try and implement the words into your life somehow. You won't want to barf at first glance because you don't buy into that kind of thing anymore. On the contrary, you'll most likely smile a little smirk and think Wow! I like that! It's so true. There is good out there... all around... and the good starts with ME.

I think I'm moving forward... slowly but surely. I am welcoming good and positive thoughts about the world, about others and about myself into life again... which is why I MUST have this sign in my  house somewhere.

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  1. Look for it and BUY IT!

    I'm still in the "I'm not too sure about this Good thing yet" phase, but I know it exists and it'll come to me at just the right time.

    Until then, I'll keep believing in it because I see it happening to others around me...

    Embrace all the awesome and good, Jacy. See??? It DOES happen!


  2. i just put this saying on my chalkboard wall a week ago. it's a good one!

  3. Beautiful Jacy! I'm so glad you feel like you CAN see good in the world again! I was such a naive, rose-colored glasses young girl that I never believed in a world that wasn't full of rainbows and happiness. But now I do know otherwise, and sometimes I feel crazy with how jaded I am. BUT... I do see improvement, and I do see myself slowly letting down all my hurts. I'm glad to know the healing has come for you, and that the world is yet again full of goodness and beauty. Seriously, you deserve it!!

  4. Great quotation - I try to look at the positives but it can be tricky when life gets us down!

  5. I love this sign! I want one in my house too!

  6. congrats on all the big changes going on in your life- a wedding, moving! Life is good! good luck these next couple of months!

  7. Once again, your post is just so timely for me! :) I've really been struggling with this idea lately, because I just see and hear (and experience much of my own) pain lately. It's really hard sometimes to believe there is good in the world, but it makes me feel comforted that you're getting back to that place. It's funny, too, because when you say "you won't want to barf at first glance," that's just so right on. I've been so cynical lately, and really am trying to change that around!


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