Thursday, October 18, 2012

It Starts with You

Have you guys ever read the blog Momastery?

I do.

It's one of my regular reads. I'm not a junkie but I do like to check in every once and a while and see what good Glennon is doing in the world. If you haven't read her bio, do it here... You'll be AMAZED.

Anyway, last night when I hopped on the computer to write this mornings post, I decided to pop over to Momastery and see what's happening in her life. I was devastated at what my eyes began to read. Processing her words my heart pumped fast, my stomach churned resolutely, and my hands began to tremble. A very familiar feeling overcame my body and I sat at my table, my wrists resting on the keyboard, and I cried.

I can relate to the exact feelings she describes and because we are all sisters in the same battle, we also share the same wounds- emotionally and physically- making us even more compassionate and concerned for others; even if our trials may differ from one another.

Instead of blogging what I initially had planned last night, I spent my allotted computer time writing a lengthy email to Glennon. I'm not sure if she'll even have a minute to read my words (she is one of the most popular bloggers, after all) or if my words would mean anything, but I couldn't not share some things with a fellow sister in need. I had to write her and tell her that it was going to be okay... that she was going to be okay... that even though it feels like this hell is a permanent new fixture in her life, it's not.

I encouraged her to become a Pioneer Woman and expressed the truthfulness and reality of hope- especially as she begins this new unfamiliar trek she is about to embark on. After I finished the email, my eyes were watery and my stomach was still in knots, but I cannot deny that there was an intense feeling of gratitude in my heart- knowing that all things are possible and that recovery is real for each and everyone of us.

So, whoever is reading this out there today, please know that whatever you are experiencing in your personal life right now, remember that you can do hard things and that you will be okay. YOU WILL BE OKAY.

No one is exempt from trials... even the people we assume have it all together, have something. And my heart not only feels extremely heavy for Glennon tonight, there are many other women out there whom I know are suffering the same pain and confusion and sadness.

That being said...

Do you know someone who is struggling? Do you know someone who you *think* might be struggling? Do you know someone coping with the loss of a loved one? A death of a marriage? A brutally draining divorce? A lack of self esteem? A troubling time at work? A health complication? A difficult break up? Depression? Loneliness?

I know a few people (if not more) per every single item I just listed and I am certain you do too.

Today, I have a challenge for you!

Reach out to someone you think could use it- even if it's in the smallest of ways: a simple email, a batch of cookies, a text, a phone call, an act of service, or even a note in the mail. Whatever you choose to do, extend your hand, offering your heart and compassion. There are so many women, SO CLOSE TO YOU, in need of your LOVE... and a little bit or recognition and support can go farther than you could ever even think!

Sending my love to you all this morning. To those struggling, I am rooting for you and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. To those happy and healthy in this moment, I am rooting for you, too, and I ask that you take that positivity and use it to rally around and help cheer those who may be in dire need of a loving friend.

It starts with no one else but YOU.

Girl power is special and it really does rule!

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  1. "liked" the Momastery on facebook. :)


  2. Jacy, you never cease to amaze me. I really, really wish I were closer so we could go to lunch or dinner or meet up at the park with our boys. I needed this. So much. Sometimes I can't read your blog all the way through because I feel like I'm "just not there yet." I am happy that you're finding happiness and I was elated when I found out you got engaged! But still, there is this voice in my head that tells me I will never get out of this rut. I will never get over my heartbreak, and the ones that have followed. Reading this gave me strength to keep going and it reminds my very soul that I am doing just fine. I love you girl. I love your honesty, your intellect, and your wit.

  3. THanks for this, Jacy. A perfectly timed reminder. Bless Glennon's heart. I emailed her too. She is doing amazing things. So are you. So are ALL OF US!! Our daily walks are all hard, but we all do it so beautifully. And when we trip, we are always blessed with another new day to try again.

  4. I need this today. Breathe in, breathe will be ok. Thank you.

  5. Hi Jacy!
    I used to read Glennon's blog too and I am heartbroken but somehow during this difficult time in my own life, I feel like I am not alone, my daughter is not alone and this gives me hope. I struggle so much with how I will raise her on my own and will she be okay or will this separation permanently scar her but when I see you, or other women do it, I have some hope. I'm not alone. Thank you!


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