Thursday, October 25, 2012

Royal Blue Paint and a Ruined Zebra Rug

Little Dude has never really been the mischievous, messy, or destructive type.

Yesterday I was upstairs cleaning.

After Little Dude finished helping me, he asked if he could watch a movie.


After I got him all situated, I returned to the daunting task upstairs.

Every 10 minutes or so I'd holler,

"Buddy? You good? You alright?"

"Yes Mom... I'm fine..."

The silence and lack of needing this and that should have been my first clue.

I came down the stairs and there he was. A deer caught in headlights. He smirked- sheepishly- sort of like this:

His little body was sitting on the counter, hunched over, his hands under the running water.

"Are you getting a drink? Can I help you?"

"Um... No... I'm cleaning up the paint, mom"


My eyes very speedily wander over to the living room and there on my favorite zebra rug sat the entire craft box, chucked full of 17 oz bottles of paint.

Maybe he just pulled out the box?

And then I saw it. The studio. Little Dude's art studio on my rug!

Five paint dishes totally filled with every color of the rainbow. Brushes covered in multiple colors barely stood in the dishes. Paint was almost ready to drip off the wooden handles. Two other sippy cups were filled to the brim with murky black paint water and a couple brushes in each- ya know, so he could clean them off.

One masterpiece had been completed and was laying on a glass kitchen plate to dry.

And when I saw the most vibrant patch of royal blue saturating my animal print rug, my eyes widened and my heart cracked.


But I kept my cool. I acted fast and I quickly cleaned up the mess. And then the Little Dude and I had a nice talk after he sat in "thinking time" for a while. We talked about how he should never ever try to do a craft like this without asking for help. I explained that painting is messy and that it can ruin our clothes and our furniture because it doesn't come out- our new violet tinted rug was a great teaching tool for that.

He said he was sorry and then I wrapped up the conversation with a hug and asked,

"So... next time you want to paint something, what should you do?"

"Well mom, I will get a few napkins from under the sink and then I will lay them down. That way I won't make a mess next time."

Wow. I guess that'd work, too :) Glad we're on the same page....

**Alright all you MOMMA'S out there... what is the CRAZIEST, MESSIEST, YUCKIEST thing your kids have ever done when you're not looking?

P.S. Picture was taken right after our 'chat'. Cutest little kid ever! And the rug... Walmart special... I've loved it these last 5 years but this is a perfect excuse for me to finally get rid of it and try something new :)


  1. He is so adorable! And what an understanding, kind boy. Also, I love your positive attitude about everything. You are seriously the best!

  2. When my daughter was very young, our son Trevor emptied a bottle of baby powder into her crib while she was in it. He then climbed on top of her dresser and jumped into the crib sending a white talcum cloud everywhere. My wife heard the giggling over the baby monitor and went to investigate. The entire room was covered in white dust. The two kids were covered head to toe in white. Trevor also cut open our down comforter to see what was in it. Feathers all over our room. He is now 20 years old and still mischevious.

    1. Ha! This cracks me up Bob... Baby powder... everywhere!? LOL.

  3. With children, messes happen, but our worst was the dry erase marker on the paint job we had completed just 3 days before. The hard part is trying to determine the natural consequences for this behavior. However, I'm really glad there are moms (and dads!) who can keep their cool. In the end, I would give up all the "stuff" if it would guarantee that lives and hearts were in tact.

  4. What a good answer! Art projects are so fun, and I can't wait to help my little guy with them.

  5. I know my boys are messy mischief makers, but I couldn't think of a particular...until I read dry erase markers. Then I could see the picture of my little one, naked, "colored" by his big brother while mommy was making dinner. Classic.


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