Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up


Yesterday I had a little medical "procedure". An Endoscopy. Nothing serious... just to check some things out in my tummy. I left the hospital feeling woozy and extra gassy but, other than that it all went smoothly and I was so grateful my team was there to keep me company :) 

Little Dude was a champ for over 3 HOURS (Dr. N was running behind) and he kept asking the whole way home,

"Mom, are you okay? Are you okay, mom?"

After I slept off the sedative in the afternoon, we had a pumpkin carving party, where we actually didn't carve any pumpkins. Cool, eh? We were too busy eating dinner and chatting with our friends (while the kids played rambunctiously) that we totally forgot about the holiday festivities that brought us together in the first place. Ha!

So, that's what we're doing tonight. A little pumpkin party with my two favorite peeps, a pepperoni pizza, some hot cocoa and the World Series in the background. FUN!

Are you watching some baseball tonight?? Seth is Giants guy... so I guess that makes me and Little Dude built in Giants fans from now on... even though I could really care less :)

Have a SPOOKTACULAR weekend everyone!


  1. oh my, glad that you're okay now.
    have a great weekend for you!

  2. awww..sweet little dude! Hope you are feeling better!


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