Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YAY or NAY: Sign Guy?

I've secretly always wanted to be a Sign Guy. Haven't you? I mean, doesn't the dude dancing around on the street corner without a care in the world look like he's having a joyous time? Grooving and waving to the passerby's and totally rocking out. AWESOME! Sometimes it just looks like such a blast!

But I could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do it. Not a chance. Even if I was masked and my identity was concealed for life, I'd refuse. R.E.F.U.S.E.

Why is she even blogging about this today? you wonder right now...

Well, last week I saw a dude who was so die hard with his cardboard sign that I couldn't even tell who he was advertising for. Regardless, he made me smile and made me think two things:

1) WOW! He's GREAT! Thanks Sign Guy for winking at me at the red light and for making my routine drive to Preschool so much more enjoyable today! I mean it :)


2) Hmmm... I wonder if any of my blogger friends have been a Sign Guy before OR if they would ever do it?

I have really tried hard to not write about this, but for the last few days, I just keep coming back to the SIGN GUY scenario and I'm dying to know if you would do it? It seriously cracks me up when I think about it... I have no idea why... ha!

So! Humor me today and tell me YAY or NAY: would you be an unmasked SIGN GUY? Even for one day?

I'm going to guess a few of you... just for fun... totally random...

Ashley C.
Libby N.
Lindsey J.
Jane Jones
Kylie P.
Chantel O.
Jo C.
Wj's Mom
Nichole Y.
Whitney- Drab to Fab
Julie T.

Nora B.
Eat My Scabs
Crystal S.
Rachel R.
Kenzee P.
Morgan R.
Kari P.
Gabrielle H.
Taisley W.
Ruby Annette

For the sake of not putting your last names, I abbreviated them... but yes, if you are reading this and your last name starts with what I wrote, I'm most likely talking about you :) 

So, am I spot on? Ha!
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Oh, and the winner of the LiLash GIVEAWAY is.....  McKenzie Farris! YAY! You will LOVE it! Email me at jacyleeclemons@gmail.com to work out the details :)


  1. Haha! You are right on - NEVER! :)

  2. Maybe if there was A LOT of money! Haha! I think back in the day I would have thought it was funny. Maybe I need to lighten up! Funny thing though, just yesterday Ever and I sat out in front of our house and waved at every car to see who would wave back! We were cracking up and had a blast. So maybe If Ever was with me I would too! This is hilarious by the way!

    1. You and Ev... lol... me and Lex will join you next time!

  3. You got me. Not in a million years. I'm always discussing with Pete how I think those sign guys are totally ineffective. I mean, they are so fun to watch, but have you ever actually patronized a business because of the sign guy? But hey- whatever pays the bills yo. I judge no sign people.

  4. Hahaha - Okay I'm going out on my own limb here to say I would TOTALLY DO IT! Oh yeah! I ALWAYS wave to sign people that are dancing crazy because I think it looks so fun! I would do it right on the corner of state street and I would dance around completely shamelessly :)

  5. You're right, I've totally considered it! I'm thinking that may be a fun job once I'm reitred and have (hopefully) a husband that has finally accepted me for all my crazy ideas and behaviors. I've also considered being one of those painted goldman that dances for cash. Oh, and a contortionist.Love you.

  6. I totally wouldn't do it. I hate dancing in front of people haha

  7. You guessed me right...not in a million years:)

  8. You put me as a "yay" girl?! Cool! Yeah, I guess I'd do it... but I'd have to have a small sign. My arms are wimpy!


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