Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not So Simple Things on a Sunday

This is not simple.

This is hard. Very hard.

Life is hard. Why is life so hard?

Meet my beautiful Aunt Valerie. Vibrant and kind and full of life.

Val and Little Dude 2008

She's a mom to 4 kids (one a sophomore in high school).

She's a grandma to a darling 15 month old little boy.

She's a dynamite eye-lash extension pro.

She's a light in the lives of so many.

You'd never guess that she has Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer. Stage 4.

She's never smoked a day in her life.

She had no symptoms. Nothing.

The cancer has spread to her brain.

She was given a number of months that she was expected to live but the "time" she was given isn't long enough for us.

The hearts of all those in our family have been extremely burdened since hearing of the devastating and shocking news a few months ago, but we are praying for strength, love and hope as she fights this disease. Her positivity during such a frightening time is truly miraculous... but I don't want her to do it all alone... so today, I am asking a favor of you. A very simple favor.

Whatever you are doing on this quiet Sunday, PLEASE pray for my amazingly beautiful Aunt Val.  This is such a lonely and scary place and I have no doubt that prayers and positive thoughts can help. I believe that they can help.

She is family.

She is my family.

I love her so much.


I am crying my eyes out right now... I can hardly see the screen...

Please keep her in your prayers. Please.

She is such a tremendous woman.

P.S. Friday night they did a story on KSL News about her, the diagnosis, and her search for the cause. You can see just how amazing she is, here.

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