Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Power of W-O-R-T-H

I know I've mentioned many a times how much I love my therapist, Maurice, but he has truly been a Godsend these last 3 years of my life.

Today I am so ecstatic to announce that he has now expanded his W-O-R-T-H Group (Women of Rebirth- Therapeutic Healing) to an online platform. If you are wondering... YES, I am going to do it... and I can't wait! Since I will be moving away from Maurice and all the inspiring ladies I have met because of him, I plan to utilize this program to keep myself in touch, to ensure that I am on the right track, to maintain my dignity, and to pay it forward to other women who are in that lonely place that I once was.

So... if you find yourself desperately in need of a support group but time, funds, or your fears are holding you back... GIVE THIS A TRY! I have nothing but complete confidence in Maurice and Jennifer (who I also love) and I have no doubt that this will be an incredible opportunity for all of us. It's another fantastic way to connect, unite, uplift, support and get through our battles together- but also with the guided and divine help of counselors who are experts in the field.

I've posted below the official post from Maurice's blog. Please don't hesitate to reach out to him (or Jennifer) if you are interested or have any questions about the program. And of course, please pass this along to ANYONE you may think could benefit from it! Because it's online, we can reach one another- no matter how far away we may live- and we can GROW together! What a BEAUTIFUL idea!

Lots of love today and please remember... If you are on a wild roller-coaster that you weren't expecting to ride, you don't have to go at it alone. There are SO many of us out there who have been in that same rickety seat, who understand all the feelings that surface because of it, and who are also looking for a friend talk to, to cry with, to confide in and to laugh with along the crazy journey. This is a perfect place to start!

The W-O-R-T-H Group 
Now available on-line!


Unfortunately, many of you find yourselves thrust out of the lives you had dreamed of and into the cold world.  In other words, sometimes, notwithstanding all of your efforts, your dreams of a successful marriage have come to an end, and you must go through a phase of being without a spouse.  You might already be divorced.  You might be just waiting for the paperwork to go through, but unfortunately, the time has come to let it end.  Some of you have been in committed relationships, but after years of risk and effort, still find yourselves unmarried.

So many unknowns start to flood your mind and build insecurities:

"Who am I now?  I gave up most of my identity in an effort to make my marriage work."

"Now what do I do?  How do I relate to family, friends, new men?"

"How do I avoid making the same mistakes?"

"How do I recover/heal from the damage I experienced?"

"How do I learn to trust again?"

"How do I avoid dating?" and then, "How do I date correctly?"

"How should I feel about my past marriage/husband?" 

"How do I handling practical issues (childcare, employment, continue education)?"

"How does God, religion, the atonement and spirituality fit into this whole experience."

Finding other women who can relate without being opinionated or judgemental can often be hard to do.  Loved ones have a tendency to question your decisions or love you so much that they cannot be objective.  If you do find someone in a similar situation, she will probably try hard to be useful, but discussions about this life experience can often go eschew without the guidance of professional insight. 

For many years, Jennifer Johnson and Maurice Harker have lead the W-O-R-T-H group, Women of Rebirth - Therapeutic Healing.  In these meetings, women who find themselves in this situation have experienced empowering relationships and edifying education on what to expect and how to proceed in life.  We used to meet for 2 hours every Saturday, but the demands of life and children became too disruptive.  As communication technology has improved, we have now "meet" more efficiently on-line just using confidential group email.  This method of meeting allows the cost to be much more reasonable as well (a significant concern for women in this situation).  Also, women from all geographical locations can join in!

How it works: After pre-screening, each woman is invited into the confidential, by invitation only, email group.  Participants use their own email address and have the option of creating a user name or using their real name. Two clinicians, Jennifer Johnson and Maurice Harker will initiate topics of discussion.  They will guide and monitor the training.  Participants will be invited to share portions of their experience and will be encouraged to share things they have learned from their own studies and experience.  Every time a participant or clinician replies, a copy of the reply goes to all other participants, creating an ongoing conversation.  New comers can read up on past conversations.

Daily: While it was a powerful experience to meet in person once a week, we are finding that because it is via email on-line, the participants get at least daily training and support.  This helps women address issues in a more timely manner.  (It also helps for those times when the crisis hits at 2 or 3:00am.)  A woman can type up her concerns and within 24 hours other women and the group leaders will respond with useful information and insights.

Cost:  We understand that finances are limited if a woman finds herself in this situation. The WORTH group will now only be $15 per week.

For more information or to enroll, call Jennifer Johnson at 8015106997 or send an email to

To learn more about Jennifer Johnson, go to (

To learn more about Maurice Harker, go to (

We hope our services will help you will find and ever increasing supply of personal WORTH!


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