Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Top of the morning to you!

It is a chilly but glistening winter day today. Even though I don't favor the cold, this. is. gorgeous.

Other than the gym and dinner tonight at a friends house, we have zero plans today. I'm crossing my fingers that the snowfall clears up later so that we can go out and about. Until then, we plan on hunkering. I LOVE hunkering. Little Dude and I have got movies, yummy food, warm drinks and a lot of organizing to do. Yay!

Here's what last week looked liked for us:

I came downstairs one morning to this hysterical sight:

Little Dude asked me to draw a T-Rex and my after my masterpiece was done, my eyes beheld this:

There are no words to describe it further.

I later remembered that a T-Rex only has 2 fingers, not hands. Owell. Little Dude loved it and said with the most excited eyes "You are the best drawer EVER Mom! How'd you do that?"

"Yes, son, I am that good :)"

I also stayed up way passed my bedtime on Tuesday, with nothing but tears in my eyes to keep me company. I don't want to get into a political banter on here, so please refrain from going there... I just want to say that even though we may not agree on the outcome, it is okay. This is the whole purpose of life: to use our fine intellect and to think and to come to our own conclusions and that is OKAY!

I also did something I've been meaning to do for the last 5 YEARS! I finally went in to Best Buy and bought an external hard drive and I spent one evening saving EVERY picture and video of Little Dude, as well as any important documents. It is all done and now sits in my fire safe, with everything else important.

Guys, if you haven't done this, DO! Don't wait. If your computer goes belly-up, they will be gone. GONE. Memories will be lost.  It didn't take too long... and I am SO glad I finally did it.... and it cost me $85 and only a few mini-meltdowns over technical difficulties ;)

Sending you all positive and happy vibes this weekend. Enjoy this lovely season and all that it represents.



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  1. I am hoping they were tears of sadness as mine were ;). But from your celebratory pic of the president I am guessing no.

  2. I have very few friends who I see eye to eye on as far as the president goes. I love that we are on the same page ;)


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