Sunday, January 12, 2014


Something AMAZING has happened! 

16 months ago, a woman named Allie reached out to me, telling me of her sister Julie's amazing story. Allie had been following my blog for quite some time and thought that her sister's story would be a perfect addition for the "My Name is Series"

Allie talked to Julie about sharing her story, and even though Julie was a little bit nervous to share the vulnerable and raw parts of her past, she felt compelled to do so anyway. Because she felt like maybe someone, somewhere, would be benefited from her experiences, her faith, and her ability to overcome. And so, I sent Julie the little guidelines to follow, she dug in deep and wrote her story over the course of a few days, sent it my way, and we posted it here. It was very well-received and so many people were inspired by her unyielding strength. Well a little bit after posting her story on my blog, she posted the same story on her personal family blog for documenting purposes (you can find that, here).

Little did she know that fall day in October of 2012 that the future had something pretty amazing in store for her "My Name Is" story.

(Flash forward to present time... precisely 2 days ago)

Completely out of the blue, I received a frantically excited phone call from my sweet friend Julie on Saturday night. It was then and there that she proceeded to tell me the STUNNING news:

Incredibly enough, after sharing her "My Name is" story from her personal blog with just one person a few days earlier in the week, Julie's story (written clear back in October of 2012) has spread like wildfire and now has more than 200,000 views in just a few short days!

I'm not sure who was in more shock? Her or me? (Probably her!? lol)

How does this happen!?

Her story was going VIRAL!

As we talked over the phone, Julie was humble and honestly, for her to even think to call me, of all people, when something this BIG was happening in her life, meant the world to me. She is a true friend- the epitome of loyal. She thanked me for encouraging and allowing her to share her story on my blog over a year ago. I reminded Julie of her courage and strength and wanted her to know that they were HER words, HER STORY, that was changing the lives of thousands (200,000 and counting!) of people. The words "My Name is Julie" followed by what she had written were resonating with people all over the WORLD.

How cool is that!?

After our chat, I hung up the phone and have since basked in the AMAZINGNESS of what this blog has personally given me these two past years. I have been reflecting on the resilient women I have met because of this blog, the impact your triumphant stories have had on my soul and how blessed and honored I am to be here, writing and sharing and uniting people through our hard times. 

What has happened in the last few days, as well as in the last 2 years of my life, further proves to me that whatever you put your mind to, whatever you are passionate about, whatever you BELIEVE in, YOU CAN DO! 

Don't be afraid to share. Don't be afraid to try. Don't be afraid to be honest and open. Don't be afraid to reach out to others. If you let fear hold you captive, you will miss out on the absolute BEAUTY, the undeniable connections and friendships, and the lessons of hope and faith and love that exist far beyond our own struggles or insecuritiesThere is a big world of rotten, awful and unideal things- trust me, I know- but there is also a world of vibrance and triumph. There is a great BIG world full of compassion, support and encouragement.

And this is what makes the "My Name is" series so POWERFUL-- because it's about women owning who they are and speaking openly about overcoming the hardest of trials and/or accomplishing the most awesome of things because of them. 

That's why I started this very blog in the first place-- to share my story.

 Because the phrase "MY NAME IS JACY" means so much more than just a seemingly catchy and self-absored title of a blog. My Name is Jacy means that I am proud to be me- even after clawing out of the muck and hell I have been through- My Name is Jacy is about overcoming and rising above!

So, for anyone that is new here, WELCOME! You just stumbled upon a really powerful and compassionate community.

If you haven't read the entire "My Name is" series yet, PLEASE DO! You will be amazed at the strength that exists within the posts of this blog. These women are remarkable. Truly. You can find all of their stories HERE
Please comment and share your love and encouragement- that's the whole point.... for us to realize that whatever we are going through, we are NOT alone. We are all in this together. You are NOT alone!

Also, if you're new here, please check out the non-profit organization I run that aims to unite and empower women who are overcoming unexpected trials in their lives (specifically women who are effected by the pornography/sexual addiction, infidelity, betrayal, divorce, abandonment, etc of a loved one).

We're about sisterhood, healing and hope and we'd love to have you LIKE our Facebook Page so you can stay up to date on upcoming conferences and projects. We're a team of women who have lived through difficult trials first hand and we're expanding our mission, our community is growing and our work is just beginning.

You can also like the My Name is Jacy Facebook Page, as well, to stay up to date on what I'm doing and to hear from more extraordinary women in the "My Name is" series.

To all of those who have been on this journey with me, thank you for making it so rewarding by being open and by being real. This has been the greatest ride and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings.



p.s. This is a picture I took with both Julie and her sister, Allie, while having a 3-hour lunch date soon after we had connected. Seriously... what was my life like before I started blogging? haha! So many INSPIRING women out there! 


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