Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bright Effects!

You guys! I have such a FUN announcement today!

Remember my beautiful friend Shay over at Bright Stripes Blog? Well, we have become really great friends, like pretty much BFF's, and for the last 3 months or so, we have been busy working on a little project that we are FINALLY ready to launch!

I can't wait to spill the beans!

It's called...

and we have teamed up with some of the very BEST (and our favorite!) professionals in Arizona to provide a day of pampering, friendship, healing, and beauty. And for a few lucky ladies each month, it's going to be FREE!

How amazing is that?

So… without further ado… here are the Bright Effects we're going to spoil a few ladies with:

  • A small support group style therapy session led by Angie Whitman, LAC of Family Strategies to talk about whatever is needing processing in our lives.

  • A place to push our limits, try something new, and sweat it out in a private Pilates class led by studio owner Melissa Olsen at  Core Body Pilates.

  • A delicious lunch at Kneaders Cafe in Gilbert, donated by owner Josh Tycksen.

  • A hair trim/cut and style by the ever so talented Thom Hlavin from Epic Salon to clean us up and give us a new look.

  • A makeover by the beautiful Nella Brenner

  • And to top it all off, we'll have a private photoshoot to capture the lovely and brightness of you by the gifted photographer Shannon Worley (who took our pictures above :)

Doesn't this sound just deliciously refreshing and awesome!? TWO lucky ladies in August will be selected to be the recipients of such a special and unique day

Our first Bright Effects date will take place on Saturday, August 30th and will likely be from 12:00 o'clock noon to about 6:00 pmShay and I will be both there throughout the day and joining in on the good times :)

If you'd like to participate OR know someone who needs something like this right now, please email us at brightstripesblog@gmail.com and tell us a little bit more about you and why you'd like to join in on the fun!

Our goal with Bright Effects is to bring some BRIGHTNESS into our lives- because, let's be honest, no matter who you are, what your experiences have been, or what phase of life you find yourself in now, who couldn't use a little bit more light? 


P.S. This day is for anyone, any age… all we ask is that you live in the PHOENIX, ARIZONA area, are female, can travel to Gilbert AZ and over 18 years old :)

And DON'T BE BASHFUL! This day was created for YOU, so APPLY! :)


  1. What a beautiful idea and gift for some lovely ladies in your area!! You are such an example of giving back in so many ways! Love it !

    1. Thanks Becky! I sure love you :) Thanks for your support and kindness!


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