Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Name is Ashley and I am Carrying Miracles as a Surrogate

My name is Ashley and I am carrying miracles as a surrogate.

My husband and I have been very blessed with two healthy, beautiful daughters. Our lives changed dramatically when we began a family and couldn’t imagine life without them now.

June of 2014 our second daughter turned one, which was exciting yet naturally we started discussing the potential of future children. After much prayer and consideration, we both felt strongly that at this time in our lives, our family was complete. Yet, the thought of not being pregnant again was a little disappointing. Crazy to some, I know, but being pregnant is fairly easy for me. I was ready to be pregnant again I just wasn’t ready for another little one quite yet.

So I brought up the topic of surrogacy.

A few years back we had discussed this possibility and we both felt that it would be a great experience someday in our future. The thought of not being able to carry or have my own children would be devastating. I have seen friends and family struggle with getting pregnant and having to go to extreme, long measures to have a family of their own. I couldn't help but recognize that I have a great gift and had a strong desire to give to a family with this need.

It finally felt like the right time for our family to start looking into the process more. I found an incredible agency close by in Portland, Oregon and after filling out a questionnaire, we set up an interview.

After that meeting, we felt more confident in our decision to move forward with this process. I couldn’t deny the feeling of knowing there was a family that was waiting for us to help them!

The next few months consisted of background checks, medical records reviewed, psychological evaluation, questionnaires, and a profile set up.

We then began the wait for a family.

I honestly thought my list for the future Intended Family I wanted to join this journey with, was sort of long and possibly hard to come by. I knew we would have to be patient!

One week later - We were matched!

Merav and Moshe live in Israel with their three beautiful daughters. Merav had many complications with her pregnancies and emergency deliveries. After conceiving her third child through IVF, her doctor told her she would no longer be able to carry anymore children. Although being pregnant wasn’t easy, this was still devastating to say the least. They knew they were to have more children. So began their journey of looking at the many options in expanding their own family. After many years of heartbreak and emotional roller coasters, a friend lead them to right where they are today.

As I was reading the families profile, I was amazed how much more real this journey was becoming. There were so many things about the family that I absolutely loved and couldn't have imagined a better fit.

Then it hit me.

This was going to be a life changing decision. There are many more people that will be affected by this journey, not just me. My husband, my children, the intended family and all the extended families involved. For me, this was not a transaction sort of a deal. This was going to be a connection that we wanted for a lifetime not just a temporary experience and relationship.

My husband and I both knew without a doubt this was the family we were going to help! A couple days later, the agency had us come in and we were able to meet the family over Skype.

It felt very natural!

Then something unexpected started happening. While driving home, I couldn't help but feel a deeper connection with my husband. For the first time that I could recall, we weren't talking about what he wanted, what I wanted, what the girls wanted but rather what this family needed. We were serving this family and it was connecting us in a deeper, more loving, selfless way. Something I least expected from this journey.

The blessings this journey has brought into my life are countless.

I was then connected with another surrogate, Stacie, that delivered boy/girl twins for an Israeli family last summer. She has easily become one of my closest friends and one of my biggest cheerleaders! I could not imagine not having her along this journey as a part of my support system! I am grateful everyday for meeting her and cherish our special friendship through carrying dreams for other families!

Before we knew it, we were on our way to helping this family!

The months following consisted of prenatal, birth control, antibiotics, aspirin, daily lupron injections, weekly delestrogen injections, daily progesterone injections and a lot of heat and ice!

February 17th, 2015 was a big day for Merav and Moshe. It would be the day we would transfer two of their embryo’s! Everything about that day was perfect! I felt so honored to be able to help this amazing family while in return blessing my life.

We found out we were pregnant the following week and couldn’t wait for the 6 week ultrasound to see how many of the embryo’s were there!

Sure enough - TWINS! One Girl & One Boy!

Everyday has been an adventure! Merav and I speak and Skype frequently throughout the week. Naturally she has become a very good friend. The beginning of June, they flew me out to Israel to meet the entire family. An experience I probably would never have had if it were not for this special journey. In the ten days that I spent there, I experienced so many amazing places, delicious food and quality time with this wonderful family!

With just 12 weeks or less until the arrival of these sweet babies, my heart is overwhelmed with love and pure excitement when I think of that special day. I enjoy teaching my children the act of service and selflessness. They love sharing with everyone they meet what their mommy is doing for this family in Israel. 

I hope one day they learn that as we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our best selves and our own true happiness. 

*Please remember the purpose of the "My Name is" series is to open our hearts, to interact, to uplift, to support and to grow.  Ashley will be reading the comments and I know she'd love to hear from you :)

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  1. What an amazing and selfless gift!! I hope there is a Part 2 to this story! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!! Many blessings to you and your family!!

  2. Me too! I can't wait to hear more. Beautiful way to bless and touch each other's lives! Thank you for giving and teaching about love and doing such a wonderful thing for another beautiful family!

  3. This is SO beautiful. I also hope to read the rest of the story after the babies are born. Much love to everyone.

  4. Beautiful and selfless. Thank you for sharing you story!

  5. Ashley as you know, I was already familiar with your story and feel part of it, but reading this account brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful the way you are so willing to share your tender feelings and help others realize that life needs to be more than a selfish journey if we expect to gain the most benefit from it. May you and your family be blessed for eternity as a result of your generous service.


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