Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Do you live far away but want to come to this fall's Togetherness Conference?

I'm thrilled to announce that a very special and generous person within our community has donated 2 ROUND TRIP AIRFARE VOUCHERS through JET BLUE! This means that 2 women can attend the Togetherness conference in October who would otherwise be unable to attend due to airfare costs

To enter this truly special giveaway:

1) Check and make sure the vouchers are redeemable from your city (by looking here: to Salt Lake City over the weekend of our conference (event is October 17th).

2) Email us at with the subject {JET BLUE GIVEAWAY} and tell us what it would mean to you to attend our event.

3) All applications must be received before midnight on September 1st and winners will be announced via email on Tuesday September 2nd.

**Giveaway applies to JET BLUE AIRFARE VOUCHERS ONLY. Togetherness conference tickets, hotel accommodations, rental cars, etc. are NOT included and are the responsibility of the individuals. All flight details should be worked through Jet Blue and Togetherness Project is not responsible for any issues/cancellations with Jet Blue.**

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