Saturday, February 20, 2016

"I CAN" Necklace GIVEAWAY!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Last night, I ran up to the mailbox and among a lot of junk mail and dreaded bills, there was one letter, handwritten specifically for me, with only a return address on the envelope. 

Curious as to what it was, or who it was from, I couldn't even wait to get home to open it. I stood under the dimly lit street lamp, ripped the envelope open and with squinted eyes began to read. 

The tears came when I realized it was from a special friend of mine, who just learned some unimaginably scary and heartbreaking news in her life-- the kind of stuff people never imagine would happen to them. In a time that is scary and unpredictable and maybe even feels like it's too much to bear, this friend went out of her way to make someone else feel better... And I just so happened to be the recipient of such a powerful and heartwarming gift. 

And THIS is what ‪#‎love‬ and ‪#‎friendship‬ and ‪#‎service‬ is all about! But I also believe this is what true ‪#‎courage‬ looks like! 

Stepping outside of our OWN experiences, no matter how hard or uncertain or painful they are, to help create happiness and joy in OTHERS! 

It's breathtaking to feel that love so closely tonight. 

That said, go a little bit further today. Close your computer, put your phone down, stop scrolling and commenting and actually connect with others in your life! 

Write a letter to someone who inspires you telling them why... Drop a note in the mailbox to someone who you know could use a little bit of sunshine.. Give the friend you've been thinking about an actual phone call and if they don't answer, leave a heartfelt message telling them why you love them. 

Do something, right now! 


It'll make both you, and the person receiving your love and kindness, so so so happy.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ashlynn & Coby- Guiding Others into the LIGHT

Almost 3 years ago, as I was first building and spreading word about The Togetherness Project, a beautiful woman from my hometown reached out to me and shared a story that she had never shared with anyone before, one that included a painful truth: 





broken hearts



and a million other things. 

I begged this friend to dig down really *really* deep (even deeper than she just had in emailing me because that was a HUGE colossal step!) to find a courage unlike any other she had ever found before and I boldly asked her to register for the Togetherness Conference that was about to take place. 

That very night, her name popped up in my email as registered. 

Since that time, Ashlynn has become a dear and inspiring friend in my life and I am overwhelmed with humility and absolute awe to see where her painful discoveries have led her and the insane amount of courage it has taken (for both she and her husband) to get to this point in her (their) recovery. I bawled as I watched both of their videos because not only is it a testament that healing and hope is possible for us all, it's also incredibly powerful and possible even when it feels like it's too much.

This is what happens when we bypass the superficial image we try so desperately to portray and actually let people in and talk about the hard. Because if we don't, those dark walls close tighter and tighter and will eventually suffocate us. But by courageously poking a little hole in that dark, scary, crushing box, LIGHT CAN ENTER. And even if it's a teeny tiny poke (like Ashlynn's Facebook message was to me), that light will undeniably shine through and it will not only produce hope, but it will keep growing and growing and growing… until we are standing totally out in the open-- with our guards down, and vulnerable hearts ready-- feeling the reassuring warmth of the sun on our skin and the brightness of hope in this thing called life.

For an incredible story of recovery, healing and hope (one that is, no doubt, continual in its journey), follow Ashlynn and Coby:




They are guiding others into the LIGHT and it's remarkable! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gottman's "Creating Stronger Relationships" Workshop

For those hoping to enhance their marriages….

If you could learn DIRECTLY from the very elite Marriage and Family therapists, who train therapists worldwide, how valuable would it be? 

Would you be there?

If your answer is "HECK YES!", I've got great news for you!

On March 10-12th, there is going to be a 2 1/2 day Couples’ Workshop in Sandy, Utah presented by 

Drs. John and Julie Gottman! 

Inline image 1

While it IS a "Continuing Education" workshop, and licensed therapists will be the main attendees, I have just been given the news that they are allowing us common folk to attend-- giving YOU the opportunity to learn right along with professionals how to improve your marriage.

Dr. Gottman was one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists of the past quarter-century by the Psychotherapy Networker.  He is the author of 190 published academic articles and author or co-author of 40 books, including the bestselling The Seven Principles for Making Marriage WorkWhat Makes Love LastThe Relationship CureWhy Marriages Succeed or Fail; and Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child, among many others. Dr. Gottman’s media appearances include Good Morning America, Today, CBS Morning News, and Oprah, as well articles in The New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Glamour, Woman’s Day, People, Self, Reader’s Digest, and Psychology Today.

Co-founder of the Gottman Institute with his wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, John was also the Executive Director of the Relationship Research Institute. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington, where he founded ” The Love Lab” at which much of his research on couples’ interactions was conducted. To read more about Dr Gottman’s Research, check out the ‘Research’ section of our website for interesting questions and citations to his work.

I'm super excited to say that I have been given an AWESOME deal to offer my family and friends! If you're interesed in learning from the BEST of the BEST:

Enter the coupon code JACY when registering to Gottman's “Creating Stronger Relationships” and you'll get 15% OFF!

How awesome is that?

It's really an incredible opportunity and I HOPE YOU CAN BE THERE!

All details about the event can be found here:

Monday, February 1, 2016


One of the most memorable moments I've experienced at a Togetherness Project conference was when Josie Thompson from The 444 Project spoke about living with severe depression and how she finds the strength and courage to live as joyfully as possible, despite a very real and dark struggle. 

In her closing thoughts she said, 

"I love that the theme is *I can do hard things!* But let me remind you of this important fact: 

You ARE doing hard things. WE. DO. HARD. THINGS!" 

At that moment, there weren't very many dry eyes in the room, if any. 



So, while what this quote above ^^^ says is totally true, I'm going to put a little bit of "Josie" in on it and say 

"Beautiful girl, YOU DO HARD THINGS!" 

FYI: I'll be taking orders on the perfect, dainty, empowering "I can" necklace (pictured above) through tomorrow 2/2/16 by midnight MST. It's a perfect reminder for you, or any woman going through something challenging (heck, or just living life for that matter), that you can and ARE doing it! 

All profits go to Togetherness Project. 

Order yours here:


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