Something undeniably awesome has been brewing in my mind!

When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to write openly and honestly. I knew I wanted to write for my continued healing. I hoped that someone, somewhere might benefit from my experiences but I didn't really know what to expect. In fact, I came in with little to no expectations at all.

To my sheer amazement, your heartbreaking/hopeful stories began to fill my inbox... your encouraging and well-wishing thoughts began to fill my inbox... your appreciative and kind words, in regards to this project, began to fill my inbox... and they are still coming. All the time. It blows me away! But what I am electrified by most is the growth that I've acquired from connecting with you. By stepping outside of my own world and observing the unique experiences of others, I am changed. I see the world a little differently... I see you a little differently... I see me a little differently.... and it's a marvelous different.

Because of you and the enlightening journey this has been so far, I've decided to add a new feature called "My Name is..." wherein which willing individuals will be spotlighted by sharing their personal adventures of hardship, prevailing, or accomplishment, and how they've maintained and/or redefined their happiness in the process.

It is my hope that by opening our eyes a little wider and resetting the focus, we can view life through spectacles other than our own, lending us the wondrous opportunity to better ourselves in irreplaceable ways.

Read all of the inspiring stories in the "My Name is..." series,  HERE!
(To read the significance of what the blog title "My Name is Jacy" means, as well as what the logo symbolizes, click here.)

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