As more and more tragic stories of heartbreak, betrayal, and even broken families surface due to the presence of pornography addiction and/or infidelity in their relationships, the most brave and resilient of women are taking a stand!  

We are uniting, we are speaking out, and we are weathering the storm and searching for peace, together.

The Togetherness Project is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) that empowers women to rise above these unexpected hardships by providing encouragement, education and community.  

We are a movement of trailblazers aiming to dispel the shame and isolation commonly felt, by replacing it with courage and sisterhood. So, whoever you are, whatever your age, or wherever you are in the process of uncertainty (recovering with your partner, healing after divorce, in the strangeness of 'limbo', or trying to figure out what it all means in your life), join us at our semi-annual women's conference.  By taking this courageous step forward, you will not only experience a day full of rich content that will help you heal, but you will also have the unique opportunity to connect with other women who, just like you, are seeking understanding and a place to be understood. 

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